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d20 2300AD ?!


"And I wouldn't snicker at the idea of a d20 version of T2K or 2300AD. The possibility is being discussed."

--posted by Hunter

d20 2300AD? I'm in with that! My favorite Sci-Fi Universe converted to d20 and with an upgraded history? Couldn't ask for more! About time someone gave the Transhuman Space game a run for its money!

Where do I sign on?

I'd buy both or either of those games, should they be done. A nice 450 page version of 2300 with lotsa stuff from the old supplements... wow *drool*
I'd be delighted to participate in that in any way possible. 2300 is the best.

By the way, Hunter, any room here to publish some 2300 material?
I'd be delighted to participate in that in any way possible. 2300 is the best.

By the way, Hunter, any room here to publish some 2300 material?
If you decide or need a vote for D20 2300AD - you have mine! I actual was thinking of it myself after reading the Star Wars D20 RPG and T20(which rocks!) I would volunteer my time to work on the endeavor of developing D20 2300AD. I know many people that I play SCL2300 on Foxx Industries Webpage with that would jump at it. You could even contact Bryan Montgomery - who has posted unbelieveable CG Rendered Starships this discussion board. There are many of us 2300AD fans out there.

I too think the idea of a d20 2300AD w/ a tweaked background history rocks! I've been revisiting 2300AD quite a bit lately because my latest game is an amalgam of 2300AD, Transhuman Space, and Starblade Battalion (Mekton). Hopefully a d20 version will generate the kind of interest in 2300 that T20 has for Traveller (especially where I live).
I think if you tweak the background so World War Three starts in about 2020 as a Sino-American war - and Russia gets involved trying to take advantage of a weakened China - you can pretty much get a Third World War and have the background run forward pretty similarly from 2040 or so on...
I would suggest writing the history from 2200-2300, and leave everything vague before that. There are a number of routes that could get us there over the next 200 years, and events in the middle east and in Taiwan in the next five years could obsolete any history we choose to write.

I like this idea better than T20. I always considered Traveller to be a good system with a mediocre setting, while Traveller: 2300 was a superb setting with a mediocre system. Transfering the setting to a new game system makes sense.


My own take on moving the history is to leave it as is, but make it slightly vaguer, the TW happens in the "early 21st century" and things continue in the standard manner (Jerome discovers forced stuttering 2080, first starship launched 2130, Alpha Centauri War in 2162-3 etc.).

There's been a lot of discussion about changing the history over the years, and none of the alternatives ever really satisfied me, the closest being: http://homepage.mac.com/robmyers/jiex/2301/avril/twilight_2010.html

Except, how long before this is obsolete?

I for one like the 2300AD rules and use them for other systems like Traveller, Space 1889, Twilight 2000 and others. The skill system is nice and the combat system is very fast and deadly.

But anyway - my vote to anything that might breath some life into 2300AD. :D

OK, I must admit that I'm not a huge fan of d20 (I play and run 3e, I have run some CoC d20), and for all I am impressed with T20, I'll probably mostly still run my Traveller and 2300 games using their original rules.

However, taking the idea of breathing new life into 2300, and a leaf from QLI/RPGRealms T:TNE project, could a new 2300AD book be done that was "near systemless", with 2300AD and T20 compatible appendices for stats? With perhaps downloadable PDF for adapting the OGC from T20 to the 2300AD setting. Not that there would be much to adjust: the big differences would be in the PI setting material.

If FFE and QLI can expand their relationship in this fashion, I think it would do 2300 a lot more good, and T20 market standing more good as well, than releasing "another" d20 SF rulebook. Building on the T20 Traveller's Handbook as a "core" foundation for SF d20, and doing a number of settings (both within the OTU timeline,in the T2K/2300 and ideally others) strikes me as a idea with great potential...
I am not sure if a 2300AD + 20 is a good idea. After seeing T20, I would fear that rules over background would prevail. And, I am one who really likes the story. The existing background is pretty solid and tweaking it seems to always but us in the delimina of smashing into a future and saying...now what. So the best way around that is to do a ruleless game like TNE sourcebook. But, would Tantalus allow that? They would not even let me use one of the Aliens developed in 2300AD for an Ancients sourcebook that I toying with... I do like the heremertic approach outlined int the previous reply but I think it fails to do justice.

I have always maintained that the contact date for the Vilani was wrong and ought to be pushed into the 2300AD universe but I will have to wait to see if SJG can convince be otherwise.
Kafka47 wrote: "But, would Tantalus allow that? They would not even let me use one of the Aliens developed in 2300AD for an Ancients sourcebook that I toying with"

What is the deal with Tantalus? Why are they so protective of an universe that they do not want to print or expand themselves. Do they have any current plans with 2300AD?

Does Tantalus even have the rights still? I know they lost the Twilight 2000 rights a couple years back. All they did with that was let it collect dust. They repeatedly ignored emails from many T2k players asking what their plans were.
I've never liked the 2300AD rules. Ive always used Chaosium's BRP rules (Cthulhu/RuneQuest) and they really work. Cinematic, fun, deadly. Although saying that I'd probably buy D2300 (or whatever it'd be called).
Just as a side note, Jim Hettinger was originally intending to do the reprints for 2300AD, which were then picked up by Marc when Jim went on to other things a couple of years ago (Jim and I were corresponding on the possibility of new layout and artwork for a 2300AD soft cover, perfect bound 200page book).