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Cybertechnology lacks rules


I'm a little mad about this one. On pg. 220-221 of the THB we have some sparse info about cybertechnology - just enough to get a player all worked up about what they want to do with it, but we have few RULES about how the equipment works, and NO description.

The most annoying of these is the brain implants area ... how does cyberjacking work, what are the rules for using it? I mean I can make something up, but then why bother with having it mentioned in the THB?
Since Cybernetics have never been a part of Traveller the writers probably gave it a quick go over just to show how it might be and will go into more in a future supplement. IMTU there are no cybernetics, and I think alot of the "old school" Traveller refs will feel the same.(IMHO)
Yeah - but my D&D converts will want to know why the rules indicate they exist but don't show them how to use them to abuse other sapients.
Chances are that it's a hold-over from the medical rules introduced in Traveller's Digest, #13, I think, where they started talking about cybernetic replacements, etc. I'll see if I can look them up, and synthesize some suggested rules for their use, until something official comes along. Probably by the end of the weekend.

Originally posted by Flynn:
Chances are that it's a hold-over from the medical rules introduced in Traveller's Digest, #13, I think, where they started talking about cybernetic replacements, etc. I'll see if I can look them up, and synthesize some suggested rules for their use, until something official comes along. Probably by the end of the weekend.

Thanks mate, much appreciated!
Okay, I've done some research, and here's what I've come up with from TD#13:

No information on cyberjacking, save for their mention in a Dolphins article in the same digest: Neural control plugs allow Dolphins to use their Waldos at -2 penalty to Dex (instead of -4) at TL12, -1 penalty at TL13, and no penalty at TL14 or higher.

This would imply that the neural control plug isn't a perfectly seemless connection until TL14, so cyberjacking as a means of accessing computer systems directly should be fully intuitive (like we see in Cyberpunk games) until TL14 and higher. Until then, there are penalties to the skill checks (converting the above to T20, I'd suggest -2 circumstance bonus for TL13 plugs, and -4 circumstance bonus for TL12 plugs.)

As for rules for Cyberspace, I can only recommend translating your favorite cyber game's rules to T20. The easy way to handle it is to simply describe tasks as taking much short time (like a factor of ten, perhaps), and focusing on the main group rather than one solo PC's trip into Cyberspace.

Some Suggestions:

Jacking into a system directly requires a full attack action, consisting of a move equivalent to plug in, and a standard action to initiate an interface with the system in question. While jacked in, the character is considered helpless, with an assumed Dex of 0 (-5 to AC instead of normal Dex modifiers), and automatically fails any Reflex save.

Failing any T/Computer check to interface with a hostile computer system by 5 or more triggers an internal alarm and activates anti-hacking security protocols (such as Black Ice, etc.) For every five that the PC fails the check beyond the original five points to trigger the security protocols, the character takes 1d6 points of damage to Stamina, to reflect the pain that the security protocols inflict on the character through the cyberlink.

Time to resolve actions via a computer interface (such as computing, etc) should take place about ten times faster. With actions less than a minute but more than a round becoming simply standard actions, and actions of a round or less becoming a free action (but limit the characters to one free action per round. Allow them to trade their move-equivalent for a second 'free action' in the same round, and their standard action for a third 'free action' in the same round.)

When jacked into a system, any damage the system takes is translated to the character directly as Stamina damage. (If this is too harsh for you, allow the character to purchase a Deck which can serve as an interface/overload switch between the system and the character, and which breaks the connection when the character passes out by dropping to zero stamina or less. This will minimize the life damage caused by roll-over to the one hit, and prevents a character from dying because they can't break the direct plug-in to the system since they're passed out. If they directly connect without such an overload system in place, they keep suffering until the physical connection is broken.)

As for other Cybernetics:

The stat modifications add directly to the character's, so far as I can tell.

Configurations affect the costs of cybernetic implants:

Open Frame (X0.5)
Soft Contoured (X1) - Standard assumption
Hard Contoured (X1.2)
Electronic Circuit Protection (X1.5)

The article describes pseudobio as X8 cost, but that is superceded by the T20 rules as a X10 cost.

Hope this helps,

y'know - some sort of generic d20 cybernetics guide might be worth investigating....to my knowledge there is currently no such suppliment.
Evening all,

In the OTU cybernetics/cybertech is not exactly on the illegal/banned list, but the systems are suspect in much of Humanitis space the way psionics are in the 3rd Imperium. The more cybernetic gadgets installed, the fewer rights the sophont has. At some point the sophont will be classed as a robot. So, not having detailed data about there use should not be a problem. If T20/D20 does not have the source books look to the GURPS system. With some modifications I am sure that you can create the cyberware your campaign is looking for.
Actually, if I was going to create cyberware, I'd steal ideas from Cyberspace and Shadowrun. Crappy rules systems, outstanding cybernetics rules and computer matrix ideas. The shadowrun book on cybernetics/bioware was brilliant and the editor hired a surgeon as a consultant prior to the final edit.
Another great resource is the Hero Games "CyberHero" if you can find it anywhere.

And I agree, a Cyber-tech D20 book is definately missing from the D20 universe. I would hope that over time D20 will become pretty varied with source books from many companies covering many topics (much like GURPS, but without the overt control of SJG).

BTW, can people publish against D20 open liscence with open material available on the net? It would be great for a bunch of RPG rule hounds to collaboratively put together a bunch of rules for Cybertech or other stuff and publish on the net. They could build through suggestions etc. on forum groups. Might be a good way to get quick added materials.

Just some thoughts,

SuperStar DJ Papa Smurf
Yes, they can. A wide number of people have created game worlds and netbook supplements that they've released under the OGL. The requirements are pretty easy to fulfill. The license pretty much spells it out for you, and there's lots of help on the internet to understand the legalese parts.

Best of luck,