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Cyberpunk game mechanics and 2300AD


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We switched to using Cyberpunk 2020 for the characters and combat, but used a modified 2300AD history which worked pretty well. I recommend the Cyberpunk 2020 combat system as fast, deadly, and easy. Combat is LETHAL in CP 2020 and it works much better than the house system for 2300AD.

Anyone else use CP 2020?
Yep. I used it for my last 2300 game before I started writing 2320AD. Works very well, and integrates cybernetics very easily (natch). Vehicle design is a little iffy, and it's pretty much impossible to use the Maximum Metal system to design starships, though. Combat is very deadly, and very quick.
Yeah, I agree on the starships, but those were never an issue except as a "taxi" to get the players from place to place. The Maximum metal powered armor is da bomb! Much better/believable than the canon stuff.
I haven't used CP2020, but I've very nearly finished my Millennium's End system conversion. I like the deadlyness of the ME system and it has a very nice (but slow) character generation process.
CP2020 is one of my favorite systems, partly due to the great character design section. I am probably biased, but I think that 2320AD will give the same sort of deadly combat, detailed character background, feel that CP2020 provides, withtout some of the more obnoxious bugs the system had, and with a better integration between starship, vehicle and personal combat.
But, dammit, I hate XPs and levels. I have disliked them since 1976, I have hated them since 1977 when Traveller showed they weren't necessasry.
I wouldn't go so far as loathe, but I do share a strong dislike for xp and level as implimented in most "character class" systems. I vastly prefer skill based systems and never missed the absence of a character class system when playing Traveller, which showed to me in 1978 that they were not necessary.
The V3 cyberpunk is just out and tidies up a few of the rules problems I had (removes roles and special abilities totally). The new background is pretty ropey, and don't get me started on the art....

Is this the art done with carefully posed action figures?

Got to agree on XP and levels. I discovered the original Traveller back in 1981 or82 and never looked back from there.
^ I personally prefer the original Cyberpunk (and Friday Night Fire Fight) as a game system. I used it to run a pretty successful hybrid game along the lines of $6Million Man meets Top Secret meets Morrow Project.

Plus, when came out and I lost my original box set, I wrote Talasorian and they sent me a copy of 1.0 for free. Breeds a certain brand loyalty.
Originally posted by TheKiwi:
Is this the art done with carefully posed action figures?
Yeah, appearently someone thought that photoshoped toys would look better than line art. The rules can probably be salvaged, but the background is just too weird for my taste.

Of course, if you want, you can save yourself a few bucks (or Euros) and get the Core Fuzion system.
Pity V3 is bad. I love Friday Night Fire Fight, and we added to the Hollywood Overacting Effects table, and made it a 1D10 roll. I added Gauss weapons, and all sorts of other guns to the system. It worked well, until you started trying to design things that were really really big.
Naaah. You're not a mutant. I created a set of fuzion rules for 2300AD, and even downloaded the Shards Fuzion rules for the extensive race creation add-on, to make up some Kafer and Pentapods. I like fuzion.

If anyone is interested, I've just posted my 2300 to Millennium's End conversion rules (woohoo, 100 pages of stuff). They're at:

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Yeah, I clicked on the link, which launched Acrobat. I really like what I see, but when I try to save it, the thing locks up. Rather frustrating.
Ah...I got it. Seems that Firefox was causing some problems. I used MSN...that seems to have done the trick. I'm familiar with Chameleon Ecclectic from their stint with Babylon 5. So I'm curious with what you've done using their ME line. Thanks TheKiwi!