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Curious about Honor Harrington


The Honor Harrington section of these boards vanished recently, only I haven't found any sort of official announcement as to why. (Perhaps I'm not looking in the right place?)

Was it taken down due to lack of interest or because of the "real" HH RPG?
Do you mean you people in particular aren't doing it, and someone else is? Ok, copywrite problems... fine we won't talk about game aspects of the series.

But if you still have the game rights, but have simply stopped development, then why can't we talk about incorporating aspects of the Honorverse into Traveller?
We no longer have the game rights. I don't mind you discussing Honor Harrington or incorporating it into Traveller. The forum was originally intended for info and discussion or the game when we planned on doing it. Just don't want any confusion over that.

Feel free to discuss HH here or in the IMTU forums.