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CT Stats for Serenity?

Well, here was my take a while ago using High Guard Shipyard to do the design:

Ship: Serenity
Class: Firefly-03
Type: Light Transport
Architect: Standard (Modified)
Tech Level: 13

M4-4242441-000000-00000-0 MCr 299.950 450 Tons
Bat Bear Crew: 6
Bat TL: 13

Cargo: 75.000 Passengers: 4 Fuel: 198.000 EP: 18.000 Agility: 2
Craft: 2 x 20T Shuttle
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops

Architects Fee: MCr 3.000 Cost in Quantity: MCr 239.960

Detailed Description

450.000 tons standard, 6,300.000 cubic meters, Cone Configuration

Pilot, Navigator, 3 Engineers, Medic

Jump-4, 2G Manuever, Power plant-4, 18.000 EP, Agility 2

Bridge, Model/4 Computer



Probalby over-engineered at Jump 4. The Serenity RPG design puts her at about 480 dTons in Traveller terms, and she only has a speed class of 4, so maybe swap the J and the M ratings and add some more cargo space.
Oops. MegaTraveller stats.

Craft ID: Midbulk Transport, Firefly class, Tech Level 10, Credits 223,128,829

Hull: 450/1125, Displacement=500 tons, Configuration=1 Air Frame, Armor=40E, Unloaded=5559 metric tons, Loaded=6357 tons

Power: 34/68, Fusion=3000MW, Duration=30/90 days // 3.6/10.9 hours +2.2/6.8 hours

Locomotion: 7/14, port HEPlaR, 7/14, starboard HEPlaR, thrust=38,000 tons total (5.5G), 9/18, Jump=1, Nap of Earth= 140kph, Cruise Speed=3495kph, Top Speed=3883kph (these are atmospheric speeds), Agility=0

Communicators: Radio=System range

Sensors: EMS Active Array=Far Orbit range, EMS Passive Array=Interplanetary
Active Object Scan=Routine .......Active Object Pinpoint=Routine
Passive Object Scan=Impossible ...Passive Object Pinpoint=Impossible
Passive Energy Scan=Routine ......Passive Energy Pinpoint=Impossible

Offensive: No weapons hardpoints

Defensive: Defensive Die Modifier= +4

Controls: Computer= Model 3 x3, Panel=Computer-Linked x953, Environment= Basic Environment (heat, light), Basic Life Support (sealed environment, atmosphere, water), Extended Life Support (food, waste recycle), Gravity Plates, Inertial Compensation

Accomodations: Crew=3 (Bridge=2, Engineer=1), Mid Passages=7, Sub Craft=Shuttle x2, Mule, Air Locks x2, Cargo Lock

Other: Cargo=553.5kl (41 tons), Fuel=2807kl, Object Size=Average, Emission Level=Moderate

The Firefly is a air-framed ship capable of landing using its HEPlaR pods on each end of its short wings. These pods can be rotated by as much as 180 degrees from standard flight configuration, and give the Firefly VTOL capability. HEPlaR, by the way, stands for High-Efficiency Plasma Recombustion. It has small staterooms, 3 for the crew, and 7 for mid passengers. A kitchen, and a medical bay.

The ship wasn't designed to have weapons on it, so it has a 5.5 G acceleration, allowing it to outrun most ships that it may encounter. Its VTOL capability can be used to increase its maneuverability, and in emergencies, may give it an agility rating of 5 to evade.

One common trick is to pull a 'Crazy Ivan.' This lets the Firefly spin one HEPlaR pod 180 degrees and spin the ship around its center of mass, and then kick a high-G acceleration in the opposite direction. Just remember if you do it in a planet's atmosphere, you have enough altitude to not drop the ship into the dirt.

The Firefly has its two shuttles mounted on tracks over the wings to allow quick deployment and recovery of the shuttles, even during flight.

The cargo lock is located at the front of the cargo bay, below and behind the bridge. It allows quick loading and unloading of loads, and also quick ingress/egress into the ship.

The ship uses the two shuttles' airlocks to enter and exit the shuttles, and has one of its own airlocks at the rear of the hall where the crew quarters are located. This airlock exits out near the top of the ship fore of the guests' common/dining area.
Uh, guys, why is there a J-Drive?

THe Serenity RPG makes it clear there isn't one...
Well, no, there isn't one. But, it wouldn't fit in a Traveller paradigm if it didn't have one, as there are no giant trinary systems with hundreds of habitable planets/moons. It would have much less breadth if it was just an M-drive.
I threw in jump drive bacause it's easier to drop it and redesign the whole.

Of course, I think I tossed the idea later...
Using Scouts it is possible to have a quadruple system, or even greater, if I understand the rules :confused:
Unlikely, but it could happen ;)

Also in Scouts, the Regina system has eighteen worlds/moons, thirteen with a population and five that could be developed; the Sol system has fifteen worlds/moons with a population, and a further five that could be developed.

It could be kind of interesting to play at being an Ancient and engineer a system by picking from the Scouts tables, rather than rolling (you can only pich the outcome of the dice roll, and all DMs still count).
I wonder what you could come up with?