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CT errata Sought


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Hello Folks,
By chance, does anyone have the errata for the Spinward Marches Campaign with regards to the Lurenti class ship?

As I see it, the cost of the Hull alone is higher than the listed 23.056 MCr that is given for the cost of the 300,000 Dton battle carrier. Its fighter complement alone is worth 2,106.6 MCr. Surely a ship capable of carrying such a fleet isn't going to cost less than that of a 400 Dton Freighter? ;)

Fleet cost for 154th Imperial Battle Rider Squadron is:

Battle Carrier Lurenti class:..............................................???? MCr
200 x Sylean Fighters................................................2,106.60 MCr
007 x Nolikian Class Battle Riders:......................... 64,877.75 MCr
007 x Sloan Class Fleet Escorts:.............................23,341.50 MCr
021 x Cutters.............................................................. 635.25 MCr
Total Cost without the battle Carrier or Gunboats: 88,854.50 MCr

Another thing of note: In the description in HG format, it lists for the Nolikian class battle rider has having 4 Gunboats. There are no such listings in THE SPINWARD MARCHES CAMPAIGN for such craft. In addition, the only mention I have of "gunboats" in CT is that of the Traders and Gunboats suppliment. Oddly enough? It classes a CE (Close Escort) under the gunboat encounter table. It also classifies the 400 dton System Defense boat as a gunboat.
Thanks Chris - I will likely take a look at the High Lightning class ship and see what happens. As it turns out - I located HIGH GUARD SHIPYARD and downloaded the thing onto my computer. As I try and recreate the Lurenti class ship - I find I can't! I'm not sure if this is because of assumptions made by the program, or the program is right and the author didn't double check the ship itself.
I'm guessing the latter :(

My problems stem from the fact that the Lurenti class ship must be a Jump 4 ship or it doesn't match the 154th's stats in FFW. But the stats printed underneath the 154th in SMC state that the ship only has 75,000 dtons of fuel. This is consistent with a Jump 2 ship, not a jump 4 ship.
Hello Folks,
I've been trying to re-create the Lurenti class Battle Carrier - having downloaded the HIGH GUARD SHIPYARD program. This is the best that I can do using that program. Note that I could only fit *FIVE* Nolikian class Battle Riders instead of the mandated 7 as described in THE SPINWARD MARCHES CAMPAIGN. Comments?

Ship: Busted Flush
Class: Lurenti
Type: Battle Carrier
Architect: Hal
Tech Level: 15

CB-T7425J4-099909-99999-A MCr 136,303.750 300 KTons
Bat Bear C 5 CCCCC Crew: 1533
Bat L 9 LLLLL TL: 15

Cargo: 3,536.000 Fuel: 135,000.000 EP: 15,000.000 Agility: 1 Marines: 100
Craft: 5 x 20000T Nolikian Class Battle Rider

Architects Fee: MCr 1,363.038 Cost in Quantity: MCr 109,043.000
With regards to the fuel issue, a lot of CT:HG ships now appear broken due to fuel requirements.

Do you think the CT Imperial Navy rellied on drop tanks a lot more than is implicitly stated?

Perhaps the role of some support ships (tankers etc.) is to ferry replacement drop tanks to the fleets.

Alternatively - they are all broken ;)
There was a thread a while back about the Nolikian and the others from SMC. It was about the errors, and some corrected versions. Hmm, come to think of it, that might have been over on the yahoo CT-starships group.
Related, vaguely, I was doing a little prep work for a small HG2 skirmish and checking the Plankwell out. The hardpoints seemed wrong, oddly though they jive with the example of computing hardpoints (HG2 p.30) though the example does not follow the formula described as I interpreted it. I never looked at the example before, just used the formula, and never checked the big ships either.

What I mean is by the description of how to do it the Plankwell (200Ktons) starts with a 7Kton spinal weapon. That leaves room for up to 193 bay weapons (200Ktons - 7Ktons = 193Ktons with one bay weapon allowed per Kton). It actually has 50 100ton bays and 80 50ton bays. This would leave room for an additional 63 bay weapons or unused tonnage left for hardpoint calculation.

This is where it gets strange. By the text formula from HG2 that would leave 184Ktons for hardpoints (200Ktons - 7Ktons spinal - 9Ktons bay weapons = 184Ktons), up to 1,840 total hardpoints possible. It does in fact have 630 hardpoints listed, which is 10x the remaining bay weapon allowance. Is that a coincidence or something else?

I would put it down to a coincidence except that I recently looked at the example of computing hardpoints. There it has a 50Kton ship with a 5Kton spinal weapon and 2Kton of bay weapons. The way I read the formula that should leave room for 430 hardpoints (50Ktons - 5Ktons - 2Ktons = 43Ktons with 10 hardpoints per Kton). BUT, the example says you only have 250 hardpoints, which is what you get if you use 10x the unused bay weapons allowed (50Ktons - 5Ktons = 45Ktons allows 45 bay weapons, less the 20 installed bay weapons, leaves 25 unusused bay weapon installs, 10x that is the 250 hardpoints listed).

It seems obvious now what they meant was not clearly stated. T20 has done a better job of explaining it. There you subtract 10 potential hardpoints per bay weapon (of any tonnage) installed and 1 potential hardpoint per 100tons of spinal weapon installed. That jives with the example from HG2.

Anyway, I guess I was just a little dense back then, reading the text too literally and not checking the example. Just one more example of saying what you mean needing to be unambiguously clear I guess.
Originally posted by far-trader:
There was a thread a while back about the Nolikian and the others from SMC. It was about the errors, and some corrected versions. Hmm, come to think of it, that might have been over on the yahoo CT-starships group.
I'm not a member of that group - yet. I am joining it now however ;)
Oddly enough that's how I read the High Guard rules for years , until T20.
That is, if a 2000t ship has 2 100t bays then that is 200t used for weapons.
That leaves 2000 - 200 = 1800 tons left for hardpoints, which is 18 turrets.