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Cruel Taunts to Defeated Enemies

"I can see yer lips flappin, but I don't hear no sound." - Said to the guy on the wrong side of an airlock.

Everyone's got a player or two that *HAS* to say something when his enemy is defeated. What've you all heard?

Hmm.... I thought taunting defeated enemies was more fitting for CHAMPIONS. I've never ;well hardly ever heard of it done in TRAVELLER......
Champions? What universe are you from bud? We're here to make a quick buck so we can pay off this dang ship, not to save the universe (unless it pays well). No palidin's on this here corsair, no sirrie. ;)

A pirate of my acquaintance had a parrot he trained to sit on his shoulder.

"What shall we do with the prisoners? What shall we do with them?"
squark "Kill 'em now!" squark

For myself I never saw the point of talking to a corpse.
when all my enemies are defeated and dead - i always say - you crewman, clean up all these dead
vargr bodies!! and do it now!!!
:D ;)
:cool: :rolleyes:
"Thanks for doin business with ya"
There are two kinds of defeated foes, dead and dead broke, and the dead have no use for words.

In the end, Murphy will rule
Well,depends on whose doing the talking now doesn't it (the victors that is).

Towards Vargr (from My time in the Marches", a mercenary of Second Skin INc/ Fulacin): (spits) "Daerrgh!" (fine Vargr epithet for inedible meat/ filth/ excrement).

Towards defeated foes (from Aslan to any other):
"You shoot like women, and your Family line has ended here!"

From Ithklur(viewing the carnage afterwards, remember to laugh as you say this to the players):
"That * was fun * while it * last* ed."

From my TNE campaign #1 (93-96), the Captain PC Sean"Lucky-Dice" Egan's shine off to Guild's men & TEds alike:
"Hasta la Vista, Looooser!"

And a classic from "Bored of the Rings"(Harvard Lampoon press) always struck me funny. "Pity stayed his hand. It was a pity he'd run out of bullets."

And, "Why did you shoot him? He could've told us plenty!"--PCs querying NPC why he caught up with their quarry and blew him away rather than say "Stop or I'll shoot" (RCES rules of engagement #1256)
Irish-Solomani NPC,laconically, "He just wouldn't be told."