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Crits question

When someone is critted, the damage is doubled and armor is ignored. Thus the doubled damage goes to both stamina and lifeblood, which is particularly bloody. Or does doubled damage go to stamina and regular damage goes to lifeblood, ignoring armor? (much less bloody)

Was the less bloody version tried in playtest? What were some of the conclusions? Does one or the other choices make for balanced combat, or do Marines in combat armor still wade through hapless natives irrespective of the crit rules.

Originally posted by PierceBoldmen:
Does anyone know how this works? :eek:
Not until the T20 rules come out. This is one of their new rules, not from any of the previously published d20 System books.

That said, I'd lay odds on the Stamina damage being doubles, but the Lifeblood damage remaining as rolled. If I understand correctly everything I've read and heard, Lifeblood won't increase with character level increase, and only possibly increase slightly (1 or 2 points) by taking a Feat.

Simon Jester :devil: