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Creature stats


It seems that the majority of questions people have concerning T20 seem to be directed to character creation and combat. What I would like to know more: are there going to be at least "creature stats" for major-race-aliens who are not "player races"?
It sounds like, from the review, that at least two PC races are genetically engineered lifeforms, so it would stand to reason that the system would support this kind of thing.
To elaborate on my question: I have a rather big collection of Gurps Traveller books at home, and since Alien Races 3 my favorite spot in the Traveller universe is the Crucis Margin sector - where the Third Imperium, the Hive Federation und the Two-Thousand Worlds are looming shadows in the background, where a lot of self-devised planets and minor races might be placed and where you might encounter strange folk like the Ithklur or Lithkind or, dare I mention them, the ubiquitous Droyne.
By the way: In my opinion no Traveller campaign is worth its salt without some Droyne-encounters now and then.
So, in how far does the T20 core book already support such exotic ambitions?