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CP to T20 conversion


I've been working on a Traveller conversion for the Cyberpunk/ Fusion engine for a while. I have a more dynamic trade system that I worked long and hard on. Any ideas on how to convert CP emchanics into d20?

I've been told to just reset the DC levels to something appropriate. But that seems to lose something in the translation. Any other suggestions?
Both systems are single die plus stat and skill mods to beat a "DC" number, though some editions of CP used the equivalent of the "Active defense" option in D&D (which means that the base 10 for AC is replaced by a d20 roll by the defender).

As such, the two games should bridge fairly easily. Because CP skills and characteristics both tend to top out at +10, while D20 games can hit double that for skills and (usually) half that for characteristics, some adjustment will be necessary. You will want to decide if CP maps to D20 character classes and levels at all, and if so to what degree.

With a trade and commerce mechanic, the only conversion necessary would be how the skills of the traders, shippers, and brokers figure in. Otherwise there is no reason to convert.