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Corsiars of the Ebon Main is Full of PCs, But...

I am excited to say that my PBeM Now has a full compliment of characters... We are now looking for people to fill the role of Guest Stars... people who are in opposition to the PCs, officials, enemy ship captains, police, and such... part time positions! It offers a chance to oppose the PCs in Space Combat and attempt to foil there many dastarsly deeds, what? If this sounds interesting email me at the address in my profile and we'll chat about it...
We are looking for these Guest Star Types:

SDB Captains
Trader Captains
Alien Ship Captains
RPCA Officers (Hiver Police Force)
"Man with No Eyes" Prison Warden
Mob Enforcers
Mob Bosses
Bounty Hunters
Allied Pirate Captains
Imperial Navy Officers
Solomani Navy Officers
Vice Barons
Slave Traders
Religious Leaders

How does this work? How much of an investment of time is necessary? Are specific meeting times required or is this all email, not chat?
It would work along the lines of... "I want to be an SDB captain" so you make the character and brief background, I give you a ship, crew, and any background data the case requires, and then you slug it out when you meet the PCs... either in ships (mostly) or in Snapshot type conflicts...
we'll notify you when "you're on"

Bear in mind that you don't necissarily have to have an adversarial character, the possibilities are endless...

I have also been working on 20 character-ready Aliens for the Hinterworlds area... should be done soon, only three more to go and a writeup and its all set...

Baron, I was going to email you but couldn't find your e-address.

In any case, I am interested in playing a "Guest" role, but I have never played a PBEM before, nor Traveller (though I have played other d20 games, and I do have the handbook with me).

Could you email me at stofsk@hotmail.com for more info? I have some ideas, but it is your campaign so...