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Who doesn't need a gun that shoots around corners? Cornershot is a system for mounting a handgun on a hinged stock system, and features a laser aiming device, light and dedicated video link. The operator can put a standard autopistol in the CornerShot and the aim the gun around a corner without exposing himself, aiming via a dedicated video system on the handgun. The gun can also be used conventionally, giving the user what is effectively a short barreled, pistol caliber carbine. Treat as pistol with folding stock DMs.

Cost: Cr500
Weight: 3Kg
Length: 65cm

No no! Check out the video on the site if you can. Some guy sticks his pistol, and arm, around a corner and gets it shot off, well not shot off, just kinda blued off, well blue dyed, well he didn't die just his arm, not dead just blue, there's a paint ball option kit for the thing (I want it)

Seriously it has a certain cool factor and seems well enough made but the whole cock and twist thing would take some practice, a lot of practice I think, so you don't screw up in combat situations.

If I'd had a hand in designing it I think I'd have looked at a basic pistol foregrip with a trigger release and twist action to point, with self locking detents at forward and 90deg'ish (l&r).

I was almost laughing at points in the video (depsite the seriousness of the subject). Especially this one shot of a window opening where up pops one of the weapons and then a couple more, all panning back and forth. They looked just like curious eyestalk alien beings from some sci-fi B-movie

I do agree a heads-up display might be better, at least for some, but some people can't do the dual focus field thing well.