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Consolodated Equipment list Posted


Peer of the Realm
I have noticed over the last few weeks various people have been looking for equipment lists. So ... I have posted on my site a list that is compiled from as many CT, MT, T4, TNE, and T20 sorces as possable.

The list is a work in progress so if you see a problem, a scorce not used, or have suggestion as to organization please send me a note at my yahoo address. (pvernon2001@yahoo.com)

In the list I have avoided things that are the product of edition unique design sequenses. I have also changed some of the names so that like items sort together better, ie IR Goggles to Goggles,IR.
Have fun! :D
Peter May I be the frist to congratulate you on a job well done.Outstanding work sir.Of course your work,from ship deckplans to this outstanding piece of work,is always top quality.Thank you very much.
First of all. Yup, a magic site, kind sir. Will definitely come in handy for this referee :D

I have also changed some of the names so that like items sort together better, ie IR Goggles to Goggles,IR.
Reminds me of the military way of naming things....
It's not a 'Hairbrush'... it's a
"Brush, Nylon, Hair, For the use of'....
Fantastic job sir!
I have long planned on doing just this, but being a lazy SOB, I have never gotten around to it, and now I don't have to!

All praise ambitious people!

One question...I realize the print is small to keep the page count down, but is it possible to "upsize" the print? I am more than willing to print out another 10 pages if the font size can be upped to 10 or so.

All the fine print hurts my aging Mark-1 Eyeballs.

Excellant Work, Pete!!! You guys really are a pair, you and Tanuki. Thanks for all the effort! I know there are a pile of us who have appreciated it without saying so, so let me sit with the Vocal Minority. :D
You have done very very well, but if I may, a couple of observations:

1. The paper size is a bit unwieldly and would require printing at a Staples/Kinko's/Office Max etc. I know that the way the list was designed this may not be possible, but if someone shrinks the page down to fit on 8 1/2" x 11", it may well become unreadable.

2. The cell borders should disappear, because it will be a bit easier to read. A better option would be to alternate gray and white stripes to seperate the items in the list, similar to what I'm using on a OD&D homebrew I'm working on.

But all in all, this is quite a good job, and I made sure I saved a copy.
I have printed the thing out once to give to Tanuki for a proof reading, my ink jet had sevier problems printing it. So I would not print it until there is a more finished version done.

Please remember that this is a rough draft.

Over the weekend I went through all of my T4 stuff (I think I have all of T4) and added some more stuff. Also from BITs "At Close Quarters". After I finish ACQ I will be going through TNE. And in the back ground I have been starting to get items GT into anouther speadsheet with weight and credit converters built in. Eventualy it will be incorperated into main sheet.
I'd like to add my voice to those supporting this effort. You guys have done a great job! Thanks for this service to the Traveller community.

With Admiration,