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Congratulations to the folks who created T20. I just picked up my copy this evening (an early birthday present for myself), and I am impressed. I'm still reading through the book, but what I see here is definitely Traveller, not just D&D in Space.

It was almost 20 years ago that I first got involved with Traveller when I picked up a copy of The Traveller Book. I suppose in the back of my mind, I had hoped that The Traveller's Handbook would give me some of the enjoyment that volume did. I have no doubt that T20 will keep the flame alive for another generation of gamers. It's a good product; you all really should be proud.

Unfortunately, when I look through the book, I get two impressions. I don't know if this was the intention, but T20 really has a retro look and feel, harking back to old-fashioned SF pulp adventures. I never had that feeling in the old days. Maybe it's just me.

The other impression I get is that, while the third edition of Dungeons and Dragons was a big improvement, that's damning it with faint praise. The d20 game system is better than earlier versions of D&D, but it quite frankly sucks hard vacuum for anything else. I know that it makes a lot of economic sense to do d20 products, but my heart-of-hearts really would like to see T5 -- a true fifth edition of Traveller that builds on what was good about the original game system and background and incorporates some of the ideas that have developed in game design over the past 10-15 years.

Even so, it's great to see Traveller alive and well and in good hands. I'm looking forward to seeing future products, even if it is as much for the sake of nostalgia as anything.

I am so happy with this book! The layout, the color art, the black and white art, the rules....it just replaced GT as my favorite Traveller version. Excellent, excellent job, folks.

This will be an interesting comparison for me. I've got the GT Limited Edition Hardback and the T20 book somewhere in the mail to me, arriving later this week. So I'll be able to compare the both of them.