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Comstar Game's Translight Playtest

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Roger Calver

Comstar Game’s Translight is moving into its next stage of testing and is looking for new playtesters.

“Introducing: Translight!

ComStar is very happy to announce a new science fiction RPG, Translight, coming soon to a game store near you!

Translight will use the very popular percentile that was recently released under the Open Gaming License, with all the necessary modifications to make it the ideal system for handling all things science fiction. Whether you play in the Traveller universe or any other setting, Translight promises to be the skill based percentile system you have been awaiting.

With starship rules created from scratch by Michael Taylor, and adventuring rules from Martin Dougherty, as well as contributions from a number of other contributors, Translight promises to bring flexibility and a realistic game mechanic to your science fiction game.”

Construction and forming of the game mechanics has been completed, and we are now in the final stage of integrating the sections into a complete whole.
This is where we need you! , Translight is now ready to be used and abused and we know that gamers just love to try this out and so we are recruiting new members to just do this and more.
For more information either contact me at lightwing@vestinious1.demon.co.uk or please visit us at The Travellers Aid Society http://traveller.comstar-games.com

Thanks for reading this and we hope to see you soon.

Roger Calver
Translight is a rules system only, but there is a setting in development now.
No advertising non-Traveller material please. And since I've already gotten one semi-upset email on this let me explain. I have no problems if you want to discuss Translight or any other game in this forum. I do have a problem with what I consider to be a flat out ad for a game and this I believe qualifies.

Not open for further replies.