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Computer Design: Possible Standrardization Errata


SOC-14 1K
Evening all,

While trying to automate, using Excel 97, correct the examples to reflect the the use of the Table vice text and understand the Computer design rules I noticed that the examples for the Standardization rule (pp 228-229) showed an increase in CPU Output. I went back and read over the rules, but could not find anything that explained the increase in CPU Output. Here is what I think is implied by the examples. When a computer is a standardized design the CPU Output increases by the difference of the min TL and the constructed TL. Example: A Linear computer core is available at TL7. At TL 8 the computer core is declared to be a standardized version using TL8 tech. The CPU Output changes from 2 to 2+(8-7)= 2+1 or 3 for 1 unit of linear computer core. At 10 TL8 standardized linear computer core units the CPU Output = (10*2)+(8-7)= 21. I have also posted this on the T20 Q and A discussion board. Along with my feelings of not being able to use both the standardization & miniaturization rules at the same time. If you could take a look please.