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Computer Design: Miniaturization and Standardization


SOC-14 1K
Evening all,

In the Computer design section on p228 under Advanced Technology are the rules for minizturization and standadization. In the last line of the text states "For example you could elect to reduce the size and power requirements of the computer by going with miniaturization, or you could go for a lower cost throught taking the standardization option, but you could not do both." I do not understand why both options cannot be taken since at some point miniaturization will become standardized. Look at computer development now. The original computers were hardwired and used lots of tubes, the next generation used fewer tubes and could be programmed using punch cards, solid state electronics made them even smaller and more programable. Today a desktop computer, not to mention laptops/PDA, are smaller, more versatile than a 1960s system. Yet the mainboard is both miniaturized and standardized. I would like to suggest that both options should be availabe, but not at the same TL. Standardization would be used first ant then miniaturization used at the next TL.