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Complete T20 Aliens & Critters

I decided to start up this topic, where people can share, show off, or brag about the aliens and monsters they've designed for T20, and post them here, as a sort of freelance alien guidebook. I'll be posting some of mine here, and hope lots of you other T20 players will too! Also, for other systems, feel free to post, converting creatures to the D20 system is pretty simple and easy, so we can use yours for inspiration!

The following information would be helpful, if you have it, about your creatures:

What type of terrain/world/climate do they come from?

Do they have noteworthy relationships with any other lifeforms? Symbiotic? Preferred Prey? That sort of thing.

How easily domesticated? What sort of nature have they?

Physical descriptions: Are they mammaloid? Insectiod? Slime Mold? Green? Have they antennae?

Fleetetcha come from a size 8, hydro 1, atm. 6 world. Hot climate. Desert-ish, rocky and sandy. name of the world is Rakishekh, but feel free to use it wherever.

The fleetetcha can be found most often in hot, dry plains and grasslands, and occasionally in deserts. They are a bipedal mammaloid, walking like a bird but without wings, and with two tiny, delicate forelegs. They are covered in a thin, tawny fur, usually matted with dust. Though fast and strong, their skitting nature and tendancy to spit poison at anything that isn't themselves, has hampered attempts to domesticate the beasts. They usually travel in mated pairs, occasionally with young, or else alone. Other than when mated or seeking a mate, they generally avoid contact with anything, even each other. They are occasionally hunted for their poison, which is easily harvested and keeps well, found in a gland in the back of their throat. It can be milked without harming the animal if it is tranquilized, or the animal can be killed and the gland simply removed. Other than this, they are fairly useless, as their fur and meat are tough and coarse, and the meat has small amounts of their poison in it. In combat, even if they attack first, they usually will simply try to paralyze their foes and flee.

Size: Large (1600kg)
Type: Herbivore, Grazer
Stamina: 29
Lifeblood: 16
Initiative: -2
To Attack: 8
To Flee: 2
Speed: 45
AC: 11
AR: 4
Attacks: Spit +3, Slam +3
Damage: Spit 1dmg, Slam 2d6+9
Saves: Fort +8, Ref +2, Will +7
Abilities: Str28,Dex7,Con16,Int2,Wis13,Cha4
Skills: Listen +5, Survival +3
Feats: None
Special Abilities: Poison:Mild,Dex,1d4/1d6/DC14 Temp
Climate/Terrain: Desert, hot grasslands
Organization: Solitary, mated pair
Rakishekh Dragon

The Dragons of Rakishekh, thankfully, are very rare even on their homeworld. They are unusually deadly carnivores, highly aggressive when numbers are to their advantage. Their normal strategy is for the entire pride to converge on a lone prey, or if attacking a group, selecting the most threatening first, and sweeping by them, slashing them with their claws as they pass and keeping out of reach themselves. The great beasts, which range in color from a dull gray to a dusty brown, vaguely resemble prehistoric terran flying reptiles, with the exception that they have six true limbs and blunt, rounded heads. Their forelegs and hindlegs bend in opposite directions however, preventing them from being used together in combat. Thankfully. Typically, if landing and attacking a target, the front legs are used, or if harassing a group, they will fly by and rake their chosen prey with their hind legs. On their homeworld, the larger and wealthier towns and cities sometimes place large bounties on prides of dragons harassing populated areas. Their deadly accuracy in combat, combined with their natural aggression, ensure that only the most skilled or foolish of hunters even attempts to collect. Their relative fragility is a small blessing, when faced with such a fierce predator.

Size: Large (600kg)
Type: Carnivore, Chaser, Flyer, Reptilloid.
Stamina: 32
Lifeblood: 9
Initiative: +4
To attack: If more
To flee: 14
Speed: 42
AC: 15 (+4 Dex, +2 AR, -1 Size)
AR: 2
Attacks: Claw(x2)+27, Bite +25
Damage: Claw 2d4+2, Bite 1d3+2
Saves: Fort +2, Ref +22, Will -1
Abilities: Str15, Dex18, Con9, Int3, Wis4, Cha10
Skills: Tumble +5, Spot +0, Survival +0
Feats: Flyby Attack, Multiattack
Special Abilities: None
Climate/Terrain: Foothills, dry mountains, Deserts
Organization: Prides of 3d6