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Combat question


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In T20, when a character obtains a base attack bonus of +6, he gains another attack each round. Is this just for melee weapons, or does it apply to ranged weapons as well?

For example, a 7th level ex-Marine would have two attacks per round. If he is firing an autopistol, with a RoF of 1, would he get two shots or one?
I believe that the extra attack is for every combat action that could be taken by the character. With the only restriction being the rate of fire of the weapon itself. IE: if the Marine in question has a cutlass he can make his two attacks as normal, It's the same if he were firing an auto pistol as long as he has enough rounds in the magazine to cover both of his attacks he can make them. If for some reason he was firing a flintlock rifle he would only be able to take the one shot since he would have to reload the weapon in between shots. Remember that it's a full round action to take advantage of the extra attacks.

I hope that this was helpful, and not too long winded.
Sword got it pretty much dead on

With RoF he fires one bullet per attack, cant burst fire.
One attack is a standard action allowing a move action elsewhere.
Stand still and do a full attack and bingo - you get to use your multiple attacks - each of which allows a single shot or burst attack if your weapon allows it at the iterative rate of -5 BAB for each attack (remember these are cumulative across classes - if you gain a point of BAB that isnt a multiple attack break point on the class you are in but previous classes mean it is for the character ie they reach +6 then they DO get the second attack)

There are no recoil rules which essentially means if you have a burst worth of ammo in the gun any time you fire and the gun has a burst rate then you may as well fire it. This is nice and heroic but it does mean that rapid fire guns are a significant advantage with no loss of accuracy.

Im tempted to put a penalty in for each successive burst shot in a round myself