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Coin crickets t20


While Coin could have a new jungle pleasure plane, due to discover of Coiners and the plague of 973 which nearly wipe out the natives, the planet is restricted to company mining town on the northern mountain range. Coiners resemble a semi-upright eight legged praying cricket. Their coloration is between jungle greens to deep dark brown.
Coin Crickets stand upright at 2 meters with antenna add another third of meter. They speak with a combination of click, squeaks, and wing motions. They call their appendages brain hand for the upper most, hand foot for the second set, mid foot for third set and rear foot for the last set. Crickets generally walk on two bottom sets of appendages at 9 meters. Coiners can learn Galanglic but are not able to speak it fluently. They are capable to run on the bottom three appendages at base speed of 12 meters. Coiners are able to sprint on all appendages at 18 meters but the maximum time of sprint is one minute. This is flight response and subjects will drop all items carried in their hands or return items to carrying pouch belts.
Coin Crickets have two sexes. The male is generally smaller than the female by up to a third of meter. Rumors of two additional sexes appear to be recessive trait or religious view. The third sex was a drone which is rumored to a neuter male. The fourth was the hive mother which is rumored to female with massive egg laying ability. However neither of these sexes was found before quarantine.
The exoskeleton gives Crickets a + 4 natural armor rating. However also due to the exoskeleton, the Crickets can not swim. Water deeper than meter makes them uneasy. Water more than a 1.75 meters cause Coiners to panic and they will refuse to enter the water. Some subject would enter the water when dress in water survival jackets but stayed in a near panic condition. The water aversion is due to the placement of the thorax which is just below the head. The thorax will keep water out when close but crickets have a very small gag reflex.
Coiners prefer temperature above 36 C and humidity above 50 percent. They will tolerate temperatures down to 15 C and 40 percent humidity. At 0 C they start to go comatose unless protected with cold weather survival gear. “Cold White Hell” is their nickname for snow.
Crickets have low grade chameleon ability. The color of the exoskeleton color slowly changes to most prominent color in the environment. This takes place gradually over a period of a month. However Coiners have trouble adapting to pink, yellow, orange, and purple. At most the exoskeleton develops slight highlights of these colors and subjects were uncomfortable with rooms paint in the afford mention colors. They favored green, brown, black, and deep blues. They prefer various shades and hues of green and brown and will decorate their habitat with these colors.
Coin Crickets are omnivores but prefer various plants and fruits. They have general that average dexterity but their strength is on the low average rate. -2 Str, +2 Dex. They are uncomfortable around humans and other non exoskeleton races but generally get over their revulsion. They appear to worship the Great Hive Mother and appear to accept
Coiners have trouble reading body language of other species. They prefer resting on padded benches. They are unable to sit in normal human chairs and prefer to stand on four feet instead if benches are not provided.
Crickets are able to attack with hand foot. This is 1d3 + strength mod attack and they can attack with both hand feet. Coiners generally carry a compound crossbow when out gathering, farming, or traveling for protection.
Three types of predators which prey on Coiners are present. The two most common according to the natives are ‘Silk Worm’ which grows to ten plus meters in length. The ‘Hide Spider’ which has resembles a trap door spider which grows up to two meters. The ‘Rock Tiger’ which is plentiful at higher elevations and cooler climates resembles a Terran lion or tiger. Note this appears to a transplant to this world.
Gateway Metals maintains a modern mining and smelting factories on the northern set of mountains. Coin town is occupied by employees and residents which population is up to about thirty thousand individuals. The natives do occasionally trade with various town people. The major trade commodity is ‘inkume’ a perfume base which comes in black, red, green, and clear. The clear base is most desired by manufactures but is very rare; cost on planet is a Kcr of goods per 10 liters. The other ‘inkume’ are worth 100 credits per liter. The Reach corporations and Schunamann und Sohn, AG (SuSAG) highly value the ‘inkume’.
Coin Crickets Racial Traits
● -2 Str, +2 Dex
● Racial Trait- Racial Repulsion. All initial encounters with non exoskeleton races start out as unfriendly. This trait disappears after one year of dealing routinely with that race for that individual.
● Racial Trait - Gullible. Except in combat Coiners get - 4 on Sense Motive rolls, and other
● Non swimming. Coin Crickets can not take the swimming skill.
● Coiners base speed is 9 meters.
● Even though have more than
Status Minor Race
Home world : Coin
Languages: Coin