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Classic Sector LBB's now available!


Hi folks.

In order to help the folks who haven't installed my SectorMaker script locally, I've posted a mess of LBB's generated by the system.

Currently there are about a dozen Classic Traveller sectors, and a whole mess of random ones as well. I'll keep posting more from time to time.


Files include the sector LBB, the 'alliances' or polities, the routes, the descriptive text and the raw 'sec' file.

WOW! Very well done, hopefully Dalton has contacted you with getting deckplans done for the Second Imperium Battleship...as always, in awe of projects well done! That latter project is stalled slightly by my partner in crime disappearing off the grid. But, I shall definately appreciate when your rough drawing of the battleship in the comet is rendered nicer.
Wow is right! :cool:

Very nice.

Can you, will you, do a version that can be printed up, two pages to a page and then folded to emulate an lbb even better? Please?

Booklet software exists for most computers (I use 'create booklet' on mac osx). Take a look and see if you can find a solution that works for you.

When you do, you'll:

1. Remove the cover page (or print from page 2 on)
2. Create the booklet
3. Print even pages in reverse order
4. Manually feed odd pages in normal order

And you'll have a nice LBB, like these:


One suggestion: put all of the PDF files into one ZIP file for easy downloading.
No, that'll kill my bandwidth

And btw - I love the traveller wiki. Would you like me to contribute maps, etc., for the various sectors in the wiki?
Originally posted by mickazoid:
Hi Kafka - not been contacted yet, but I'm looking forward to it!

And thanks, Drax!

Hi Micki,

Sent you a pm, as I am would love to make deckplans for that ship.

Let me know if when you want it done.

best regards

Just curious....

What the heck is the Marrakesh Trade Association in Beyond sector? I thought that was the Mal'Gnar Radiant?
It looks like You already got the most official one.
The other one is the (strange but fun) decanonized Paranoia version.
I'm not trying to look a gift horse in the mouth but I looked at the Marches file and the color of the Imperium on the maps is . . . unique.
I'll stick with the Mal'Gnar in MTU. Quite frankly they seem to have a lot more plot potential then the current subsector.

Might even mix/match the sector with elements of both sets of maps.
Note - bearing my disk quota in mind, I've posted a few of the 'Full' version LBB's.

These Full-version LBBs have about 1200 pages each, and include UPP descriptions, cargo and animal encounters for each world in the sector.

I've put full versions of the Spinward Marches and the Solomani Rim up, as well as full LBBs for the totally random "Hadaez' and 'Pishurana' Sectors. Enjoy!