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Classes in T20

Its really excellent to see the new T20 stuff. I cant wait to get it.

However the only critism I have right now is about the classes. The core classes represented on the website seem way too generic. Part of the cool thing about the D20 classes are that there are alot of them, and they are specific. I was hoping there would be more of them.
There are actually some 17 classes in total, as of the current playtest version:

9 Core Classes: Academic, Barbarian, Belter, Mercenary, Merchant, Noble, Professional, Rogue, and Traveller

4 Service Classes: Army, Navy, Marines, and Scouts

4 Prestige Classes: TAS Field Reporter, Big Game Hunter, Ace Pilot, and Psionicist.

That enough?

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by ronaldo1:
thats great!
one question tho, what is the difference between services and core classes?

Unless the Referee allows it (i.e. running a military campaign), you may only take levels in the services class during the Prior History phase of generating your character.