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class or prior history


when gaming which attack do you use the characters class or the level in prior history
ex: Prior history 12 years in the army level 8 +6/+1 or class of mercenary level 8 +8/+3 or would the mercenary start at level 1 but run the army attacks?
Hi walleye, welcome aboard :D

Guess you've been around a bit, just waiting to post. I think I can help with your question.

Since this could go a few ways depending on how you did the character generation I'll use the first possibility for the example, career Army then into the Merc trade.

So your PC starts in the Army with a 1st level BAB of +0, a Fort bonus of +0, a Reflex bonus of +2 and a Will bonus of +0. They cycle through to Army level 8 (and character level 8) and end up with a BAB of +6/+1, a Fort bonus of +2, a Reflex bonus of +6 and a Will bonus of +2.

Next the PC joins the Mercenary corp. and in his first level ADDS a BAB of +1 (total +7/+2), a Fort bonus of +2 (+4 total), a Reflex bonus of +0 (+6 total) and a Will bonus of +1 (+3 total).

As each of those is increased the total is likewise added to.

After level 8 of Mercenary (and character level 16) the PC has totals of BAB of +14/+9/+4, a Fort bonus of +8, a Reflex bonus of +8 and a Will bonus of +6.

At least that's my understanding of it and I'm quite confident in it. I'm sure if I'm in error someone will correct it.

Hope that helped.
OK, hold on a second, I posted the above answer after reading your question a little too quickly I think.

If what you mean is you did 12 years of Army PRIOR HISTORY spending all your experience points in the Mercenary CLASS then the previous answer is wrong. Your PC has no Army levels. They are a level 8 Mercenary (and character level 8) with the BAB +8/+3, etc. but will have generated all Ranks, Mustering out benefits, etc. as per Army Prior History.

I hope I got the question and answer right this time
I should not post this late and tired :rolleyes:
Dan "far-trader" burns
both answers are helpfull i did't realize that the base atttack bonus where combined or that you could be in one post history and take skills in the class you want to be.
Glad the answers helped. A few things to keep in mind:

Multiclassing is encouraged, there is no multiclass experience penalty.

Class and Prior History are seperate, as long as you abide by any limits of both. A quick example. University Prior History earns xp's but you can't put it towards a Service Class since you need to be in the appropriate Service Prior History. An exception is made by most GM's (a house rule) for those in OTC while at University.

The stickiest rule is the Class eligibility. There is the Initial Requirement which applies if it is your starting class and there is the Multiclass Restriction which is what you use when multiclassing of course.

So in the example above (Army Prior History and Mercenary Class) the character could be said to be a part of the regular forces (Army) but in a special services branch (reflected by the better training), as one possible explanation.

The whole character generation should be better spelled out in the eventual player's guide. Until then you might do a search (or more) in the T20 Questions and Answers area for things like "multiclass", "university", "class" and "prior history" for more ideas on how it's being done.