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Chevy Silverado modular truck...

They take a 1.5 ton truck, add a 3rd axle and it suddenly can carry 5 tons? Ri-ight.

Thanks for pointing it out, though.
Oh yeah. Popular Science (or was it P. Mechanics?) had an article about that a while back. I'd certainly buy a hydrogen-powered version of the military one - I want the armament!
>do they come in air force blue???

Trader Jim, they can come in whatever color you want!!! Come to Fake-O for the best discount paintjobs anywhere!

I can paint that grav-tank for $19.95!!!

I can paint that Type-S scout for $39.95. Two-tone paint job only $44.95.

Bigger jobs? We can handle them, too! I can paint that Broadsword for $79.95!!! And that Kinunir for only $119.95!!

Still bigger? No problem! I can paint that Azhanti High Lightning for only ... eep! <froths at mouth> <falls over backwards>

CarlP - hey thats good!!!...but can you do a Fleet of Winnabagos for me real quick????...with a real nice new Logo?..like Trader Jims Pizza and Guns...painted head to tail???...REAL BIG???
Concept is intrequing. modular tanks could be quite the weapon of war. switching from a cannon to a missile launcher or other weapons or utilities could be quite the asset. But I imagine due to cheaper manufacturing costs for a non modualr design, and cheaper matinence. added it probably would be quicker to build a non modualr design. However, for smaller millitary forces, specail forces, or very welthy mercenary groups might go for that tatical advantage.
I had a similar idea for modular grav-sleds for my Star Legion marines. Except I want the weapon systems to be self-mobile, on legs. The idea being that even when not mounted on a sled the weapon systems could be maneuvered and used as support weapons to add firepower to marine squads.

I also liked the idea of a mechanic 'walking' a huge plasma gun onto the back of one of these sleds, and the weapon controlooing its aiming and recoil through these legs (imagine a spider with a big gun instead of its head and ammo instead of its abdomen).

The weapon systems would be only basically automated, for most uses a marine would be setup with some sort of link from his combat armour to the weapon systems controls - perhaps with the ability to sweitch his field of view from the weapon system to his personal view as he liked.