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Chat game IRC CT mileu MT rules



Somewhere between the Fifth Frontier War and the Death of Strephon, there is a story that has not yet been told.

In the middle of the Mora Subsector, a group of Travellers war weary and ready to retire find themselves thrown together by fate.

The events may bring them together but it is their own destiny they forge.

Join the exploits of these fine souls by PM'ing a MT character to me and I will PM my personal email back.

At the end of the Fifth Frontier War, your characters have found themselves in the Mora Subsector. All people with interstellar careers at one time or another become Travellers. Many times, they become Travellers just long enough to get back to their home systems or find a place to set up roots. Others make the Travelling and the adventures that go along with it a career in and of itself.

You feel safe to be far away from the insanity and the chaos of the war. You all met on a liner heading to Mora. You are either heading to Mora or have flights out from Maitz, Fornice or Mora depending on your backgrounds. You are all in between flights on a three day layover. You start on one of the most boring restrictive planets in the whole subsector -- Duale. You think to yourselves that you are safe enough. Just when nothing can go wrong you remember, everything usually does.

Rules used:

I use the Megatraveller rule set. The mileu as mentioned above is CT on the edge of the Rebellion era.


Plan is once every two weeks or more perhaps depending on the schedule of the players and me, the ref.

Exact time of start will usually be 9pm EST to give the ref time to put his kids to bed.

Day will probably be Wednesday or Sunday dependant on the players and their schedule. Saturday is off-limits but night-time M-F or Sunday is fine.

Character generation guidelines:

No psionics unless approved by ref. Races allowed are humaniti, darrians included, Aslan, Vargr and Bwaps.

Please include background and equipment list along with stats.

All characters are subject to ref approval.

Enhanced character generation allowed.

No ships starting off -- ship will happen in game.

MTCG generated characters are fine but as always subject to approval. The program is here

No need to have Megatraveller rules in your personal possesion. Use the above linked program to generate a character. In my games, the players play and the ref fusses over the rules.