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Chartered Space Map


Hello Everybody...

I'm in need of a Chartered Space Map in electronic format.

Don't Panic, I don't need it to have any details except the basic shape of Chartered Space with the basic info: Major races Territory, etc. Much what I need would be like the map on p.6-7 of the Gurps Traveller handbook.

I'd scan it but I don't have access to my scanner right now (will have to find the place to put it near my computer...) and I don't want to scrap my GT book :D

The purpose of this is to mail it out to my players so we can have some frame of reference (it's their first Traveller Game, only one of them having read any Traveller material)

Any infos, URL, etc would be welcome.

On another note, it would be GREAT of SJG/QLI/FFE to put such a map online, less newbies would be at a loss regarding the shape of the Known Universe

Well, not sure this is exactly what you need but I saw it earlier today...

traveller site

...hope the owner doesn't mind the link, its at the bottom of the page. If you need a different version of it perhaps contact the builder, even maybe drop them a note to say thanks if it works for you

...if not there must be other similar maps out there somewhere...
Originally posted by far-trader:
...hope the owner doesn't mind the link
Not at all, Dan - I was going to link myself but you got in there first. It's essentially the map from CT Library Data, scanned in and then traced and coloured.

[Edit: I've noticed something a bit odd about the site - when you are saving the graphics, it treats them as bitmaps, when they're actually .GIFs. You should be able to open the saved file and resave it as a .GIF, so it's not fatal; I'll look at the reasons for this when I get a chance, though it might not be till after the weekend.]
Thanks Far Trader (And Graham)

That was exactly what I needed!

Almost everything I found besides that was either sector maps or a nice map having being disfigured by excessive resizing.

I guess that It wouldn't be too off for the T20 Era (993) since borders seems to change only marginally (except for the Solomani Rim...)

Thanks Again!