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Chargen: Background skills


SOC-14 1K
Here is a completely nitpick question out there just for curiosity's sake.

The chargen rules state that background skills are to be applied as four skills at level 2 each.

How many people "fudged" this so that you could spread out the numbers so that you could potentially have 8 skills of level 1? Or some combination of that?

I always thought the chargen was one of the best aspects of TNE - it allowed the potential of truly playing a green character. On one hand, you just make sure your character has the skills needed for the task at hand. On the other hand, limiting to the four skills can remove the addition of color to the character's background.

Anyway, just some random musings...
With you there Jim, IM-TNE-TU it's 8 levels of skill, no more than level two in any one skill.
Divide as you see fit. Infact I can even see an arguement for only level one skills.