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Character design quest


First the data:
Core Class Noble
University - BA
University - MA
That was enough XP to get 3rd level Noble
University Ph.D.

Enough XP for 4th level.
Here I multiclassed
Took 1 level in Academic.
So now...4th level character: 3rd level Noble/1st level academic

Two tours Academic prior history:
First tour gather enough XP for 5th level:
3rd level Noble/2nd level Academic
Second tour bumped to 6th level:
4th level Noble/2nd Level Academic

For mustering out, I took two roles on the Academic mustering out tables.
Because of the the two terms in Academic Prior History, and from what I could tell, there is no mustering out tables for spending time in University.

Now the question...
Did I do that right?
Looks spot on to me.

It makes sense to me that you don;t get a mustering out table for education - Nobody makes money while studying.
Maybe as an exercise in creativity, a mustering out table for University could be created that reflected the more "squishy" or non-monetary benefits one could accumulate at university??

Boons, apointments, letters of recomendation, contacts, research grants, reserch or investigative "leads".........
Originally posted by BluWolf:
Maybe as an exercise in creativity, a mustering out table for University could be created that reflected the more "squishy" or non-monetary benefits one could accumulate at university??

Boons, apointments, letters of recomendation, contacts, research grants, reserch or investigative "leads".........
I disagree. University isn't a class, each of which has a mustering out table. University is more like an assignment available to a wide variety of classes.

IMO, it should probably just be considered as the first term of the career or service class the character enters into immediately after leaving University, at least for purposes of mustering out rolls for that class. You could rationalize this by simply stating that the character had received a scholarship from that class to enter University, and was paying part of it off by entering the class right after. This would even hold for the Noble class, as the noble's family simply pays their way.

Simon Jester
I like university as defined.

it makes a great way for a character who has been left high and dry by a failed re-enlist to justify return and/or get enough experience to enter some previously un thought of core class.
Correct me if I am wrong, but you can also take your first level in any core class you are eligble for as well and then go to school. I had a character come from and Asteroid belt so I gave him Belter as his first level class to reflect his background. He then went through his entire education to PhD and did vey well (he started out with a 19 education, 17 roll +2 for TL). He pulled honors for each degree so actually ended up w/ a 22 Education. Anyway, I digress. The bottom line is that you can level up into any class you are eligble for, not just dependent on what prior history "service" you are in. So you can tack on some odd levels in other classes to round out your experience.
So you did one term as belter (14-18) before going to Uni? or just straight in.

I am seriously tempted to not allow belters/barbarians to go to uni at all. Remember they have absolutely no high school - they started working while everyone else was studying still. (I'm even tempted to deny them the Edu Bonus for High tech - for exactly the same reason)

They have lots of experience and more skills than the equivalent age "normal" person.

Maybe I should add a "high school" university - they must graduate it before belter/barbarian can go on to undergrad. Give all Barbarian/belters a -2 Edu that they can fix by going to high school. Add a pre-req for Aca - needs high school.

{Int DC (20-Edu) - 2 years - 1 year if failed or pass roll by more than 10. 1,000 XP if passed, if mid tech or lower/Belter/Barbarian gives you +2 Edu. Can re-sit a failed highschool at -1/attempt as many times as you like but can't go on to uni unless you pass high school)
I didn't do a term of belter, I just took my first level (everyone starts at level one before doing any prior history) as belter. Don't confuse class w/ prior service term, they aren't one in the same. I don't see why you would omit belters from universities. If Abe Lincoln got enough education to become president while living on the frontier, I don't see how a belter living on a ship with access to a high power computer and communications link couldn't get a pretty good home schooling. Just my .02 - Joe
But universities won;t accept anyone else at 14 - Why would they accept him.

I don't know Abe's history. Did he work towards and earn a degree/Doctorate? I have a vague recollection of one of the Early american Pres being a lawyer who sold a field called "stony acres" to pay for his education - is that him?

I would be more likely to allow someone with a different class to take a term 14-18 as a belter, but I wouldn't allow a 1st level belter to take their first term as anything else.

The justification for starting at 14 rather than 18 is that they start work early - This doesn;t apply if they don;t start "belting".

If you allow someone to start at 14 doing something that isn't in one of those fields (Belter or Barbarian) then I would allow everyone to do it - Effectively drop the starting age to 14.
The T20 book, under Belter initial requirements (Pg. 43) says a Belter must take at least one term of Belter Prior History before taking a term of Prior History in any other service or profession.

So when the Belter finishes that first term, at age 18, he could go to University. Given the high tech requirement of the class, that's a good possibility. And given the high re-enlist DC for Belter terms in the Prior History, it's a good probability that the Belter will be looking to do something else after that first term.
Mink, my bad I forgot the rule for belters starting at 14. I should've had to take a term as belter and neglected to, so oops, another character in the trash can. Thanks for the patience. Later - Joe

I thought you were suffering from Munchkinitus and wanted the extra term to avoid aging rolls - so my answer was polite but distant (ie you are a power freak and I don;t want to rattle your cage).

Instead it turns out you are a rational person who was learning the rules and making exactly the same sorts of mistakes that the rest of us have (My first Character had to spend bonus feats to buy starting feats - Ooops).

SOrry for the mis-aprehension. I shouldn;t have jumped to the bad conclusion. Benefit of the doubt is much under-rated.
Trust me, one of the reasons I am turning to Traveller is that after playing a good bit of 3E D&D with a group of relatively inexperienced gamers, I vitally need to get away from power gaming. For some reason I thought that starting age was just based on race and skimmed over the belter reference in the character class. Later
I must guiltily admit that I did occassionally enjoy power gaming - Normally it would last upto a whole weekend - And the end of which we would guiltily return to playing properly.

Serious Power gaming - PC's who were MindFlayers, Wraiths, Giants etc.

Something that you can enjoy - even if you have to have a shower afterwards.