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Character Creation Question (Levels)

Okay, bear with me, as I'm sure this has been covered before (probably).

Creating a character who manages a Bachelor's degree. He earns enough experience during the 4 year course to make 4th level, but he dosn't technically have a "class" yet. Then he enters Merchants for six terms and, including his term at college, ends up with enough TOTAL expereince (44,000) to put him at 9th level.

a) Is he a 4th Level "student" / 5th Level Merchant, or a 9th level merchant?
b)If he's 4/5, does he start his Merchant career at 4th level or 1st?

I ask because, depending on how this is supposed to be done, you could end up with a LOT of feats at a relatively low level.

Also, he made OTC for Merchant in college - what should his STARTING rank be upon entering Merchants - I assume O1?

Thanks for the advice!


First off. you -can't- attend university without first picking a core class.

so first he must decide to be a 1st level (belter, professional, academic, rogue ... Something. Many pick academic becuase of the bonus to graduation rolls and the bucket load of skills.)

Second Character level is a single track. your class levels should add up to your character level.

for example...

your Academic goes to school and get's his bachelors. along the way earning enough xp to make 3 level. He is now a 3rd level character and can spend the two extra levels (remember he was a first level academic when he started) anyway he wants. Academic 1 something else 1, something else else 1. or academic 3, or academic 2 something else 1. all up to him. his total levls in all classes will add up to 3 because that's his CHARACTER level.

Hope that helps.
In short the 9th levelcharacter you described would probably be a 4th level Academic 5th level merchant.

as for the rank thingy.. it's never come up in my campaign but as ref I'd make a house rulling that OTC or Honors would allow him 'officer' rank. (I think for Merchants that would put him at 02 or the like)
Merchants have a funny rank structure - there is no split between officer and enlisted.

an 02 rank is crewman!

I would allow someone leaving OTC to be rank 03. Otherwise getting to 05 will be virtaully impossible (the rank rolls are very high)