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I was wondering how most people handle TAS or equivalent certifications.

Do characters need a particular total bonus as opposed to ranks to achieve certification? Are there levels to the certifications?

For example, if a character has 5 ranks in astrogation and +3 because of edu (total +8) could he be TAS certified as an astrogator? Would he need to roll to pass a test?

I could see a classification scheme in the apprentice, journeyman, master vein. Thoughts?
Hmm, the GM of a little TNE PBEM game I'm in worked on this idea some. Maybe I can convince him to share and port it over to T20. What do you say Paul? Have any spare time?
I would love to hear about the system in your game.

I was thinking of using the skill levels in TA#4. Green crewmembers have +6, regulars +9, veterans ~+12 and elite are at +16-18.