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Cargo Loader


Perusing through the T20 THB, I didn't seem to see any standard design vehicles that would allow PC's to load and unload cargo from their starships. So I came up with this:

"Mule" Cargo Loader
Tech Level: 9
Size: 500 vl
Streamlining: Standard
Pressurization: None
Climate Control: None
Drive Train: Tracked
Crew: 1
Passengers: 0
Cargo Space: 230.8 vl
Range: 960 km (though why you'd want to drive one that far is beyond me,
Speeds: Very Slow = 4 kph, Slow = 10 kph, Cruising = 20 kph, Fast = 30 kph, Maximum = 40 kph
EP Output: 13 (.48 extra)
AC: 10
SI: 28
Visual Sensors: Rotating Safety Lamp (top, 3m illumination)
Other Equipment: 2 Str 40 lifting arms, 1 Str 50 winch.

Energy Points
Drive Train 4
Lifting Arms 8
Safety Lamp .02
Winch .5

Design Specifications
Chassis: 500 vl, 500 cr.
Controls: -110 vl, 275 cr.
Track Drive Train: -36 vl, 50 cr.
Fuel Cells: -36 vl, 3900 cr.
Fuel Tanks: -46.8 vl
2 Str 40 Lifting Arms: -40 vl, 8,000 cr.
Rotating Safety Lamp: -.4 vl, 10 cr.
Winch: -10 vl, 500 cr.
Cargo: -230.8 vl

Total Cost: 13,235 cr. (10,588 cr. with 20% standard design discount)

The mule was designed simply to load and unload cargos from transports of all types, from cargo trucks to starships. The operator sits in an open cage structure in the center of the vehicle. The two lifting arms can carry a total of nearly 5 metric tons, and the winch can lift or pull 10 metric tons.