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Cargo Container Abuse


The thread on Resupply ships got me thinking of the various ways players IMTU have abused cargo containers.

Think of this: A cargo container of sheep, of the canonical 4Td variety (TTA), divide it in to two decks, and then put 4 sheep per deck, and each has a nice 4'x9', with about a 4'6'' clearance. paddock. So that's 2 sheep to the TD, alive and alert.

Likewise, You can put two Cabins in a 4Td container.If the doors line up, you can even arrange them into rows of rooms. (IMTU, this is a violation of the IMOT's rules for passage coupon reciept, so only cash-only runs will use them.) Such conatiners carry a high deposit (half the cost of the SR's), and rent for Cr2000 per month. But the deposit is returned if the pod comes back in time and undamaged. But, since the containers are sealed, they make for great vacuum-proofing of the cabins. (Cost to build KCr4+fittings)

Others abuses?
Hey, at least it's not like EVE Online, where cargo containers can hold more volume than their actual volume (i.e. they're bigger on the inside than the outside), so you can use them to make your cargo capacity bigger if you put them in your cargohold
When I saw the topic, I thought I was going to have to have that awkward talk with the Cargo Master again...

The habitat containers from d20 Traveller. I've had a couple of players want to use them as double occupancy middle passage for extra passengers. Of course, I can't blame them because I've used them for illegal immigration, slavery, and refugee smuggling scenarios.
Originally posted by Aramis:
So that's 2 sheep to the TD, alive and alert.
Jeez, those gotta be sheep for an organic, free-range destination...I think my players (back in the day) would have tried to cram at least twice that many in there.

'course, on the other hand, shipping seems quite reasonable, at 1kCR/ton standard rate, that's only 500Cr/sheep - quite a reasonable sum, I should say... I even imagine a 4H Teenager could come up with that sum for the journey to the Annual Stock Show...
Hey, Jonathon, Great idea for an ethical patron... you want to write it up and send it in? Or should I?

Jeff: they originated from player abuses in my MT game. For better or worse, I lead the charge for adding cargo containers to T20... ANd Hunter and Dr Skull ran with it!

So, anybody got other fun abuses?
Well, I handwave the EVE weirdness like this:
(Useful rationalisation for Traveller too)
Cargo space volume is based on a typical amount of containers crates etc you can fit there. Highly skilled cargo masters, better forklifts etc can do better than that simnply by storing the stuff smarter. It's impossible to fill your car trunk with boxes right, difdferent ways of doing it will allow you to put more in by using less waste space.
When I found out about this project, I remembered this thread from a couple of months back. I thought this was an interesting example of real life "cargo container abuse". Besides using it for T20, I'll probably borrow the idea when I run 2320AD.

Disaster Relief Unit

In Traveller terms, I'm guessing something like this could probably be built around tech level 5 or 6. Or would TL-7 be more appropriate?

The TL5 version has a wood-stove, and insulated walls, and a connection for central water.

Basically, a box, with insulation, light panelling, and a bathroom. Plus a kitchen sink, ice box, and the wood-stove provides heat and cooking heat. It's amazing how effective baking can be using dutch ovens on a wood-stove.
Ummm, Aramis, don't forget some ventilation for all the oxygen you'll use up and the CO you'll create using that wood-burning stove! Do starships have smoke detectors?
A chimney is a safe presumption.

Normal leakyness of domestic structures provides fairly adequate air-in; most woodstoves actually choke off the air flow to provide control oover the combustion rates. Ideally, the best long-term fuel use is to keep it just oxygenated enough to be red-hot embers.

But you wouldn't use it aboard starships... nor was the one referenced intended for occupation in shipping.