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Carbines vs Auto Pistols


I'm a relative newcomer to Traveller, only having played for a while 15 years ago.
I am starting to play again with some mates and have only seen the T20 Lite book.
Anyone out there understand why the Carbine & Auto pistol have the same stats (more or less)? Surely the Carbine should have a greater range.
In the real world, what traveller clasifies as a carbine would have improved range and power over a pistol. The longer barrle burns more pwder and gives the projectile graeter velocity.

The higher velocity, the longer sight radius, and the sholder stock would give greater downrange accuracy.

If you really feel the need bump up the range of the carbine and give it a +1 damage.

bear in mind it is stll fireing pistol ammunition and even a .44 magnum is not as powerful as a almost all certerfire rille rounds.

If you like to read about bullets. Try this site.