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Capotal En Garde

Has anyone tried running an En Garde variant based at the 'The Capital' (or perhaps a Sector Capital).

It could be fun way to role play court intrigue and current events. It could provide fun gossip items for the TNS news bullitans.

If someone did run such a game, how did you do the adaptation?

I thought so...

Unless you were talking about some manufacurer of french Capote name "En Garde"....

I wonder if it would be based on the Trojan Reach?

Sandman, that is the worst joke I have read since long before I was born. Luckily Traveller players are so much older than other RPGs, or your wit would be wasted.
What is this, the Three Musketeers in Space? Well Traveller has plenty of swords for swashbuckling. I wonder though if their will be any chandaliers to swing from.
Originally posted by Tom Kalbfus:
What is this, the Three Musketeers in Space?
To be honest, I've always thought there was a great deal of territory to be explored with just such a concept. Also, I played En Garde once (way back when) and vaguely remember it being interesting. I'd love to get my hands on a copy...
Just curious, but what is "En Garde," and why would you set in on Capital, other than for the chance to knock an opponent off a VERY tall building?
The fun was the non dueling part, where our role-playing group fleshed out the rules and got into a bunch of method acting encounters. You must remember this was back in 75 or 76 and games as a whole were pretty primitive. It was fun trying to decide what would be considered an insult, who was aligned with your military unit, and a whole lot of non-combatant issues. Perhaps this thread's originator is asking for a faction flowchart of the Empire, with each organization or guild and their allies, enemies, or neutral relationship with one another illustrated?

As a noble, I know that EVERYONE loves me! ;)
Has anyone done the Capital sector? Are there maps for it? Just how urban is the planet Capital anyway, is it a Trantor or a Corsecant or something less than that?