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Canberra, ACT players wanted


OK, thought I'd give it a go too....

Players wanted in Canberra, ACT region to play Classic Traveller.

As Antaine sez: face-to-face with pens, paper, d6 and the kitchen table.

Relive the glory of CT!

Any takers? (Do any Canberra RPGers ever read this?)
Well I'm beginning to believe Canberra Travellers don't actually read these pages, but I'm not to be deterred.

Update: so far have two other players (and a nibble from a third) recruited from other sources. Might get a game up and running after all...
Originally posted by Agro:
Damn, Had it only been 2 years ago!!!
I was living there, but now I am in Perth.

I don't play Classic Traveller but am currently running a TNE Traveler campaign that's been hopping around from Monday nights to Sunday afternoons and this week it's back to monday nights so anyone in the Perth area is welcome to join in. Sorry to "Hijack" a thread but if you're interested Agro, or any other Perth players.
Drop me Email me about gaming in Perth.
agro at despammed dot com
I would love to get involved locally.
I sent you a message via ICQ but I guess you use it as much as I do.

Fremantle, Western Australia
Agro, email sent.
My icq seems to have lost a dll file or something and wont boot :( but yeah I hardly used it anymore anyway.

Matonet, I hope you get your game up and running.