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Canada Day Eh!


SOC-14 10K
July 1st again, depending where you are in this wide land. Either you're already enjoying it or will be shortly. Of course it won't really start till you get to whatever you have planned so safe trip there everyone, and enjoy your selves.

And in case I'm not back in time an early happy and safe 4th to our neighbours, mostly south of the 49th (more or less) where ever they may be.
Yep, beer for breakfast, that's what I'll let you think. Just because the restaurant I went to in Canada didn't make sure, or better said made sure I didn't, get served by a cute young waitress.
To my dear Canadian fellows. Happy Canada Day.

Consider yourselves lucky, my friends. Down on the bottom end of the world, all July 1st means is a new tax year :( (errr...hip hip?)

So I shall raise a glass to my fellow Commonwealth members.

To Canada! ... errr... eh! ;)
Enjoy the Day! I just got back from a three day business trip to Toronto. I caught the election excitment. Interesting for a policial junkie like myself.
NOt quite a fellow canadian (yet), but I live here. Yay Canada!