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Can somebody explain GRiP to me?

Generic RPG for Internet Players.
(I know, this is a definition rather than an explanation. This is as far as I can go with it though)
Hmmm Berg should really explain it to you. He is one of the local forum experts on GRIP. As for myself, I only know about GRIP because I have been waiting for over three weeks now for QLI/RPGRealms to ship my order.

Description: GRIP is a client-server software. It allows players to play a Traveller campaign over the Internet; the software acts as your "internet tabletop". GRIP handles the things like dice rolls, it can handle some combat resolution, it has a mapping feature, so the GM and the players can see their icons on the map as the adventurer party moves about on the map grid. GRIP also has a chat console, which is really a lot like chatting via AIM or ICQ. It also has some features that is unique to Internet gaming: for example, it allows the GM to send images or sound clips so that the players can "see and hear" things that the GM wants them to see or hear during the adventure.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so let me post the screenshots of GRIP, and you will pretty much figure it out. Click on the links below to see pictures of GRIP Traveller!



For grip: if you are the GM, before the game, you prep your maps, and NPC stats, etc.

Everyone logs in at the same time. You play using a chat-interface, and the GM can display maps, put counters on maps, etc.

For the player, you have a character sheet, and your chat and map. You use electronic dice which the GM also sees. Come game time, you log in, and are in a chat room with the GM and other players, all see the same maps, and can roleplay by text.

Me, I don't use it. (I cue too much visually off the players.)

But, if you have no players locally, or want to play with on-line groups, it can work quite well.
No Internet :mad:
So I'm posting from the library :rolleyes:

That pretty much explains it. The best part about GRiP in comparison to other online formats are the programmable character sheets. You can use the native scripting language to create an interactive sheet with preset rolls and dialogue.

The player mod is free and the iGM mod has a 60 day trial available here...

If ya like it I would keep your eyes posted on Ebay for a copy. It ships quicker, right Maladominus :rolleyes:
I post available copies on the GRiPList

Come join the GRiPList and get in a game...

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