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Campaign based around TrinTL15


Trin is an impersonal bureacaracy that is run by the subsector Duke(TRins Veil),Dak Dannerkindt.Dak is the head of Dannerkindt Interstellar Enterprises(DIE,sorry I was young)the family companyand his brother was the subsector duke until his death.Heirs run the family business then the government.DIE was used to punish companies that stepped over the line,ie. a major polluter,exploiting the natives,genocide etc by acquiring them thru court actions.I had noticed that the imperial family owned like 10% of all the major imperial companies(gasbag,lsp,sternmetal etc.)and thought to myself this was the cost of doing business(to get eh license),taxation,an imperial spy on the board or ..cool concept even if its just a taxation scheme.Someting thats just not covered in the canon material except for Tcs(30% of a planets taxes goes to the imperium)actually personal taxation didn't come into the campaign on trin because it was negligible free market, a few fees for use,and non-natives weren't taxed because it was assumed they paid on their own planets.Trin used a few TL18 prototype starships for the military(because of Worldbuilders Guide)Just imagine an AI starship (MTrules)using Antimatter engines.The meanest fighter i came up with was 20 ton heavy fighter constructed using high guard-Factor 13 armor(immune to anything smaller than a spinal mount weapon)the new definition of high survivability and cheap.I remeberthe armor massing 3.3 tons or so for that model and it had a bunk or small cabin for long patrols.The fighter was based on the wasp class carrier a 1,000,000ton monster with the biggest spinal mount and 1000s of lasers and bays.10-20,000 fighters could fit into the package and pilots were frozen watch,you jumped in adn as you approached the planet your gonna smack you thaw them out.I was quite upset when MT described the aslan Ihatei invaded trin subsector I felt that Trins armed forces 20bpop TL15(Tl18available)could swim circles and blow anyhtign out of the water.TRin was the corner lynch pin to the Imperiums defense in the Spinward Marches