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Called shots

Problem came up in the last game.

PC want to put fist in Mooks face and avoid all the armor as the Mook is wearing no helmet.

Is this a called shot at -6 according to page 151?

Does the Mook get a DC25 reflex save, even though his head isn't an item that can be easily dropped?

Allowing called shots makes combat even more deadily...especially if you're not wearing a helmet...

In the end I gave the PC a -6 to hit and let him ignore armor. He started dropping Mooks like flys.

Ignoring armor is almost like a critical. And there are feats that allow for that, like Sniper and Assassin.
In my campaign, I'm going to allow called shots like that, but if one connects, I will give penalties to the victim. Something like "you bash him in the face, and with the blood in his eyes, he now has a -2 penalty to strike back due to blurred vision" or some such. With the leathality of T20, I just feel anything that ignores armor must be carefully considered. After all, if the character does it to them, nothing stops the baddies from doing it back.
I have wondered about this as well. The game allows for called shot, but does not give any results from those shots (other then dropping an item). what if a called shot is to the head and it hits? I would think that a shot in the head would kill someone.
Effectively, by allowing the called shot to ignore armour, you are allowing people to roll an auto crit!

If your players are the sort who are still likely to hit with a -6, then this will give them a huge bonus against armoured opponents.

Probably not what you wanted.

If one of my players wants to "call" a shot into a vulnerable area, then I would probably reduce armour by half (so 4 becomes 2) rather than ignore it all together.

I wouldn;t allow called shots on occassions when players aren;t aiming. If combat is fast and furious, people should be aiming as their training dictates (ie centre of the seen mass)

If they are in a close combat fight then I wouldn;t allow called shots at all.
Hmm, I like that idea Mink. Halving the AR for a called shot. And also that it must be aimed, meaning a full round action most likely.
I concur...the close in fight- the full rd to aim looks kinda Movie-esque/ cinematic. It ain't Sam Peckinpah Slow-mo in a scrap! And standing still in a scrap has its own problems! (Bad guys see ya stock still aiming-no dex to yer AC when they fire you up on their initiative!)
:D ;) :cool:
I like Mink's approach. After reading the rule more thoroughly, here is my conclusion the next time it comes up in a game.

No called shots during close combat. No called shots into a close combat without appropriate feats (Assassin, Precise Shot, and/or Sniper). No called shots unless target is flat-footed.

Called shots with ranged weapons are a full round action (this is already in the rules). Called shots on "armorless" areas are at half AR. Called Shot may not be used when ROF>1.

Thanks for the opinions...I had forgotten about the sniper and assassin feats...