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About five minutes if it doesn't grant the shipping permit ;)
I'm assuming about human average, simply because there's no mention of it being shorter or longer, and thus standing out differently from human characters.

yes, nothing in GT Aliens 4, hadn't dug out JTAS yet. Ooh well. I will assume human standard

Thanks for the help


Have you filled in your permission to terminate annoying Bwap clerks in black pen and triplicate?? :D
There's the problem, I only have a blue pen...

they won't let me import the black ones until the form is filled out and...
ISTR there was no lifespan adjustment, but it is slightly shorter than humans due to lower physical attributes...

As a rough guideline, +/- 1 att point has a parallel average lifespan shift of +/- 4 years uncer CT/MT.

TNE it has less impact, due to the vastly different aging mechanics.

Don't even remember T4's...