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Buffy discussion board spam warning



Just a heads-up/warning...

The Blue Planet Discussion Boards just got utterly spammed by some anonymous gimp promoting the new Buffy DVDs. Apparently since we're all into "fantasy (sic)", we should all therefore be into Buffy (which may be largely true, but we don't need to reminded of this on every frickin' thread).

Someone used a similar spamming tactic for something that wasn't Buffy-related on RPG.net recently too. It may be possible that this Buffy cretin will try doing the same here too, since it seemed to be targetted specifically at roleplayers.

Of course, it may well NOT happen here at all (particularly since you do actually have to register here to post anything), but I thought I'd better warn people (specifically moderators, if we have any here) about it, just in case.