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Bryan Gibson Scout/Courier Deckplans

I saw several links to these deck plans, but they seem to have been pulled from the website. Is anyone able to send them to me?
Nope, Bryan Gibson's plans are no longer available that I know of, not even on his site last I checked. My main browser had a meltdown this weekend and I lost that bookmark among others.

Not much help I guess :( I'll try to hunt up more later. In any case welcome aboard IceGiant :D
Have you tried the Wayback Machine?

As an example It seems to only cover the start of QLI's old galleries though. If you have a direct URL for where the plans *used* to be or where they were linked off from, even the name of the category or page, it's better than trying the front page.
Casey you are the coolest :cool:

I'd forgotten about the wayback machine, now if my old bookmarks hadn't been obliterated :(

I did manage to find a couple, and they lead in to a page with what you're looking for IceGiant, link below:

Starship Art Pages Archive

It's not complete but does have among other links the profiles for the Type S by Bryan Gibson:


...and the deckplans by Bryan Gibson:


Of course I prefer my own version as described in this post:


...though the deckplans linked in the post could be better. What they do accomplish is an accurate depiction of the displacement and features while fitting within the graphic of Bryan's hull outline and interior sketches.