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Since all small craft have bridges (unlike High Guard) do you really also need to allocated space for couches for the two crewmen? Should 2 couches be included in the bridge?
P275 - under small craft it says:-

"If a bridge is installed on the craft, space and accommodations are automatically provided for 2 crew members."

This implies that you don't have to install a small craft bridge. This seems to contradict the section on hull building. So I am not certain.

My origional thought was that the 4 tons was purely bridge controls and didn;t include either seating or life support (so either add a stateroom or a seat depending on the type of ship) - But the rules don;t seem to support that.
The bridge on a small craft includes two couches. The text implies this but does not specify it. The wording of the text also implies that the bridge is optional which it is not.

So no, extra couches are not needed for the small craft crew if they number only one or two people.

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