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Black Curtain

Originally posted by Jame:
Can anyone tell me what the Black Curtain is/was in TNE?
Well, without tippin MJD's thunder, and answering from the GDW-TNE:
"It was the region around Core/Fornast/Lishun/Ley sectors (formerly Lucan's Imperium Faction from the Final War) taken over by AI-Virus. Ships go in..they don't return."

thats it in a nutshell.
Martin has plans fer it...stay tuned!
RichardP: He has outlined some ideas on this page TNEalready. Of late, the prophet of the 4th Imperium has been busy with Gateway & other projects [as well as real life, like the rest of us].

Valerian: MJD one of the Lords of Thunder? :eek: Nahh,
bigger than that. ;)
Thanks, Liam! As for MJD (hey, I have a few of his books! Wow moment!), he'll let us know - though I hope he does so soon!
The one that comes to mind is SJG's _Behind the Claw_. Good book, thanks. As for others, I'd have to look and I'm not going to right now.
Anyway, MJD, what can you tell me about the Black Curtain and any possible plans (unless telling would ruin the plans)?
I don't know about others...as much I am interested in the unveiling of the Black Curtian. I do like the certain amount of Terror, it invokes. Given that Milieu 1248 has reduced the Virus Threat and noble actions of Lucan the Great have saved humanity...for now...

It is going to be interesting to see, what forms of Terror will replace the Black Curtain. (I finally finished MJD's novel and found it absolutely fantastic. So here's hoping for a paper version that would include the sequel.) As the one dark Milieu Traveller produced, TNE Mk II, is going to be different, I sense.

So without violating the BBC licence, is there a Darkheart lurking somewhere near the centre of the Black Curtain? MJD, as one of the Ancients would only reveal the truth when the sourcebook comes. All we can hope for is the snippets that make us want the sourcebook more...and they say that background is not important...