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Bk2 Ship: Shefa class Cruiser


Absent Friend
Design notes: Yes, I finnaly got this done. What can I say, the shipyard was on strike for a while.

Tech Level 13 Shefa Class Cruiser

Using a custom 1000 ton hull, the Shefa Class Cruiser is the mainstay of the Efatian Colonial Navy. It has Jump Drive Q, Maneuver Drive Q, and Power Plant Q, giving Jump 3 and 3G acceleration. In addition, it has a back up Jump Drive K, back up Maneuver Drive K, and a back up Power Plant K. Fuel tankage of 360 tons supports the power plant for 8 weeks and provides for 1 Jump-3. Adjacent to the bridge is a computer Model 7. An Emergency Bridge is installed, and adjacent to it is a back up Model 6 computer. There are 36 crew staterooms and 52 low berths. The ship has 10 hardpoints and 10 tons set aside for fire control. 10 triple turrets are installed, 4 with beam lasers, 3 with sand casters, and 3 with missile racks. The Cruiser carries a 5 ton electronics systems jammer. There are 5 ships vehicles: 5 armed launches. 2 tons have been set aside as a ships locker. There is a 10 ton missile magazine with Two .5 ton Grav Transport Modules , and a 30 ton cargo hold. The hull is streamlined.

The Shefa Class Cruiser has a crew of 36: 1 Commander, 1 Executive Officer, 1 Chief Pilot, 1 Chief Navigator, 1 Chief Engineer, 1 Chief Medical Officer, 1 Chief Gunner, 2 Pilots, 2 Navigators, 7 Engineers, 1 Medics, 9 Gunners, 10 Launch crew, 2 other Officers and 10 other Ratings. There are 11 Security Troops and a Chief Security Officer aboard. 8 Command Officer Staterooms are single accomodation; 27 crew staterooms are double accomodation. 1 stateroom is empty. The ship has 2 frozen watches.

Originally, all of the security troops aboard the Shefa class were composed of local Colonial Marines. However, as the current insurgency has expanded, the Marines were pulled from service and replaced with Efatian Naval Security Troops. Presently, 2/3rds of the Shefa’s have Naval Security Troops.

The base cost of the ship is MCr 960.148, Architects Fees are MCr9.60148 , and it takes 27 months to build.

Typical names for the Shefa Class include Forari, Makura, Emae, Epi, Lelepa, and Efate.

The Armed Launch
The Armed Launch has 1 ton set aside for fire control. 1 triple turret is installed, carrying 3 sandcasters.
6 Passenger couches and 5 Emergency Low Berths are installed. 3 tons of cargo available. Base cost for the Pinnace is MCr 20.4

The Cruiser--Book 5 complient.
High Guard Statistics:

BC-A233372-040000-50003-0 MCr960.148 1000tons
------------3-----2---3 Crew: 50 Security Troops:12
------------3-----2---3 TL13
Book 2 design Fuel:360tons EP:30 Agility:1
Fuel Scoops Cargo:30tons Missile Magazine:10tons
Ships Locker:2ton Launches=5 Frozen Watch: 2