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Here is a description of my character I ran while I was in the Navy. His name is Bilar and he is a Darrian merchant. His UPP is as follows: 78A997. He currently has the following skills: Pilot-2, Navigation-3, Auto Rifle-4, Gunnery-2, Engineering-1, Vacc Suit-1, Medical-1, and Computer-1. Bilar served 6 terms in the Darrian Merchant fleet with honor and distinction, ending his career as a Senior Captain. For his dedicated service with the merchants, he was awarded a trader vessel, which he named Ryihlang. For nearly 2 years, he and his crew ran a profitable trade route from the Darrian Confederation to the Five Sisters region, until 110-1107. Bilar and crew had just arrived at the system of Karin (Five Sisters, 0534) and was told to hold position in orbit. Sensors showed multiple ships in holding orbit as well. Unkown to our crew, one was a pirate who saw that we were carrying a full load of radioactive material as cargo and decided he wanted it. The pirate's first shot took out our main thrusters and caused us to start spiralling down toward the planet. The engineer reported repair time would take over 6 hours and impact was only 2 hours away. Bilar ordered the crew to abandon ship and after everyone was away, he got in his escape pod also. When the ship impacted on the surface, the GM was kind enough to give the rads only a 1 percent chance they would go critical. Damn the luck if he didn't roll an 01. The ensuing explosion and fallout killed nearly 5000 citizens on that planet. Just as I got offworld, I learned that a bounty was out on me for CR150,000, dead or alive. The only thing that has kept me alive is the fact that the fifth frontier war has started and all attention is on that. Bilar is hoping that one day, he can get another ship and find that pirate.