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Best Villians names in your experience


In the flavor of best ships theme how about villians. if not human list race
Baron Buttiche
Perry & Paulia Pinchbeck practice the old shell game
Ralph I.D. Highly intelligene who like studying brains.
Black Adder.

Darth Vader.

Thurston Howell III.

Lord God Zoot Batcrapper.

Quifus, pronounced kwee-- fus. He had a lisp too, so he couldn't say his own name right.

Doctor Phil.

Harcourt Fenton Mudd
Khan (Or Ricardo Montalban)
Professor Moriarty
Ming the Merciless
Morgana Le Fay
Hans Gruber
Philip Marsden
Mr. Morden (*THE* Villain)
Koloth - Klingon
Kang - Klingon/Human Fusion
Galron - Imperial Race Klingon
Boba Fett - Mandalorian
Desslok (the best villain laugh ever)
Jack Nicholson (a la Few Good Men)
Doctor Evil (Mike Meyers)
Jaws (the Moonraker villain)
Dr. Toru Tanaka (Odd Job)
Vezzini ("Inconceivable!")
The Black Knight
Vidkun (sp?) Quisling

There are way more than this... this is only a smattering from a variety of sources...
How about one from a D&D campaign from lo these many years ago, when I was in the Army?

Pau'tuck the Merciless.

Man, that drow was just full of bad mojo.

Depending on who you are, and how you behave, Sir Alexander Delorean could count as a villain. Especially if the rumours about an Imperial Warrant are true...
How could you forget Dark Helmet?
Snideley Whiplash
Schmedley Faversham

Speaking of old D&D campaigns, my ranger was in a party that got ambushed and robbed by bandits led by a MU named Bingo. We used to talk about what we'd do if we caught up with them
Irving ("Big Fat Irving. Big Dumb-dumb Irving. Big Dumb-Dumb DEAD Irving.")

McBride. This was from a GM who, no matter the game, no matter the setting, had an NPC villian named McBride. And when he was playing - no matter the game, no matter the setting, his character was always named McBride. We settled his hash during one BRP game, when we EACH (all 12 of us) named our characters "McBride."
Best villain name: "Sushi" (EVERYONE seems to have a character by this name!)
Real name: Susan Shimodo

Height: 1.42 metres (4'8").
Weight: 50.8 kilogrammes (112#).

Black hair, Mirrored Corneas, Dragon tattoo on back between shoulders, burn scars on left side of face and back of left hand.

Preferred weapon: Katana, garrotte, SMG.

Skills: Leadership, Tactics, Computer, Electronics, Stealth, Climbing, HTH, SMG, and Katana.

Full-body subdermal weave, Ballistic cloth equivalent with no weight or DEX penalty.

Motivation: Contempt for authority figures, revenge for an unspecified childhood incident.
Method: Varies, never repeated.
Goals: Wealth, reputation, autonomy, and bloody vengeance.
Sympathies: Children, especially orphans and the disabled/disfigured.

[Think Lucy Liu from "Kill Bill" crossed with Molly from "Neuromancer", crossed with the Borg Queen from "Star Trek".]

Recurrent villain, who always gets away even when it seems that she's been destroyed.
Best villain name: Joaqim Heffelberg (Pro: "Wah-KEEM HEFF-ul-berg")
Height: 1.88 metres (6'0").
Weight: 84.1 kilogrammes (185#).

Brown hair, brown eyes, no tattoos or scars.

Preferred weapon: 9mm Pistol, Rifle, HTH.

Skills: Leadership, Computer, Admin, Bribery, Streetwise, Pistol, Rifle, and Vehicle (Air/Raft).

Always immaculately dressed. Social level is high enough for knighthood. Former remittance man, now sole owner and CEO of Joaqim Industrial Technologies (Pty. Ltd.).

Motivation: Profit and acquisition.
Method: Business takeover (friendly or otherwise) insinuation, and double-cross.
Goals: Wealth, image, and influence.
Sympathies: Whatever is necessary to achieve the final goal. Once the goal is achieved, the sympathy is quickly forgotten.

[Think Khan Noonian Singh from "Star Trek"; crossed with Bill Gates of "MicroSoft"; crossed with John Gotti, the "Teflon Don".]

Recurrent villain. No criminal charge against him has ever stuck due to the disappearance of evidence and witnesses, or witnesses whose memories somehow change or deteriorate.
Billy Bob McTurk, he had a big bad mean streak and liked a lynchin'

Any number of NPC's of Australian decent. I'M NOT YOUR ****ING MATE, MATE.
Noleen Watson
Kylie Budwood
Shane Woomera
Bruce Bruce
Originally posted by Straybow:
Bruce here was wondering, mind if we call you "Bruce?"
Bruce here, no not that one. Let's call him Bruce, don't want to complicate things too much. Eh, Bruce? Now where's my beer?! :D
(Edit: OK, I won't make any more Python posts for awhile, I've probably exceeded my quota already. :rolleyes: )