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Best Flicks seen all year

There's been some good SciFi flicks out this year. In fact, they top my list.

IMHO, here are the best movies of the year (so far), in order of best to not-so-best...

1. Next With Nic Cage. Excellent adaptation of a Philip K. Dick story.

2. 28 Weeks Later I couldn't stand the first one. Didn't buy it at all. And, I can't believe how much I loved this second installment.

3. Fracture With Tony Hopkins. Not SciFi, but a damn good court-room drama.

4. Children of Men Really dug it. I thought it had potential to be one of the best movies ever made. Instead, it only garnered a spot on my best-of-the-year-list.

5. 300 I'm not as crazy about this one as everybody else is, but I still liked it.

6. Spiderman 3 The best of the trilogy, and a nice "ending" for the three.

7. Pirates of the Carribean: At Worlds End Better than the second one, not as good as the first one, and kinda long. Nice wrap up to the trilogy, though.

What am I looking forward to? The next Bourn film.