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I am looking for historical information on the Beowulf merchantship. Like who was the original designer, its original stats, whether it comes from CT or MegaTraveller, that kind of stuff.

When was the earliest mention of this class of vessel? Anyone know?
It was from CT. The may-day call, or Signal GK, from the Beowulf was on the cover of the Traveller box set I bought when I first started playing. But I don't know the year it originated.
Thanks! I really did not expect so thorough or so timely an explaination. Thanks very much.

I am in the process of putting together a Traveller game, and wanted to use the Beowulf deckplans for the player's ship. The GURPS deckplans can be used regardless of version.

The general idea I have is that the ship they get is a rebuild from a number (3) wrecked hulks. They get the ship cheap, sorta, but it is prone to weird sorts of breakdowns and problems. I am still thinking up those bugs.

Anyway, thanks again. I have the CT reprints and will look through Mayday, and Snapshot when I get home.
The DGP Starship Operator's Manual includes deck plans for a "Beowulf class type A free trader", and internal views of what the ship would look like to a passenger or crew member.
Other DGP produced supplements, notably the Knightfall adventure published by GDW, identified the Beowulf class as the MT TL15 200t Type A Free Trader.
Thanks everyone for your assistance. I have the GURPS Deckplans for the Beowulf, and bought a second copy for my players. Have researched the stats and such, to fill in the TAS3 and IN 3 for the ship. (Have stats in CT, MT and GURPS now) So the ship is ready to go once the crew takes it.

Thanks a grunch for the quirks chart Kaladorn, the players are gonna hate you.

Now, I need to figure the price of the ship. Since its a rebuilt from several junked ships, I am thinking a discount should be in order. The prices are for new ships, and I am not sure how the depreciation works on starships. But other than that, I think she is ready to fly.
The only deckplans for the Beowolf I have see are in Snapshot, DGP's Starship Operator's Guide, GT sourcebook and GT Deckplans 1.

As it turns out, DGP's deckplans and the GT deckplans are identical. (Or nearly so. I am also making the assumption that the plans in Deckplans 1 and the GT sourcebook are the same.)
I was going to pipe in and warn you against buying the GURPS deckplan set but I see you've allready bought two copies!!! :(

You'd be better off just xeroxing the plans from a book (or the internet) up to 25mm scale - because you'll have the same level of detail that you get in the GURPS plans and as an added bonus you can also make them actual 25mm scale rather than the absurd and unnecessary 60mm scale of the GURPS plans.

Don't give them your money, it makes them think that what they're doing is good enough.