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I recently bought a fantastic boardgame that can be adapted to Traveller (esp LBB). The game is about running ship to ship space battles with boarding actions. Each ship has a deckplan built out of modular sections for helm, missile bay, cargo bay etc, with a perhaps 2m grid. Your character move around on the ships when doing boarding actions but also during regular space combat. Run to the helm to line up the ship for a broad side, rush down to the engine room to repair battle damage etc etc. The shipboard action is very well integrated with the space battles; enemy fires at your ship and some modules may become damaged including those inside them. Every crewmember (Pilot, Combat, Engineer and Science) has something to do at all time. Tasks are performed rolling 2D6 +Skill (very LBB ish). The game is played with a referee with character advancement adventures etc but there are no character interaction rules, encounter tables etc. I've played Traveller since the LBB and I haven't had as fun since Snapshot, way back.
I got it last week. Have played four games already of it. GREAT way to waste a few hours.

Almost an RPG itself.
It probably took a year to bring himself to pay those prices (including shipment by air) and half a year to locate a vendor.

New games for the price of an antique! (Can you say thrifty? frugal? parsimonious?) I could get two complete CDs from FFE for that price! But that's just me. ;)

[I don't know about Anchorage for sure, but parts of Alaska have 6 months of day and night, so it could have been only 1.5 days local time.]
Andrew: It took me a year and a half to have enough spare cash to take the risk.

Going through thoughthammer and using USPS shipping, I payed just a hair under cover.

It has already come close to "pay-off" on the price. (Using my figure of $1 per person per hour of entertainment recoup, similar to an RPG or video game: I'm at 3+4*4+4*5+4*3=$47 paid back. In under a week.)

It's good. It's also still in print. I budgeted to get the whole shebang, but only ordered the base box. I'm ordering the supps 1 & 2 soon.

Traveller cross-over: it's got a really cool set of missions, any of which could easily be ported to Traveller. Going the other way, well, less direct, but still, similar themeatically.

When supplement four comes out (next year?) it is supposed to include trade rules (simple ones). This fall supp 3 comes out (Pirates)....

I've no problem with $60 boxes if the game is good. It is. And the carboard bits are HEAVY DUTY.

I just have had one financial crisis after another. After all, I'm in grad school, and working part time, and have had to replace a car recently, etc., so life's been sucking vacuum.
Remember when the LBBs cost a couple dollars. The Deluxe version of Monopoly with a wooden box and metal figures costs less than this game.

The prices seem excessive for a young target audience - which guarantees that the game, however much fun, will never be widespread.
The price is dead-on comparable to most similar sized boxed games from the hobby market.

Almost everything by DoW is $50
Many of the big boxed games are $50-$70.
Heroscape base box is $40+

Only the family games are under 20 these days, and only at WalMart and other big box stores.

The dollar is worth less than it used to be. It isn't the Credit Imperial, y'know...
Originally posted by atpollard:
Remember when the LBBs cost a couple dollars...
You mean like when paperbacks were a buck and change and a comic was two bits and small change? Now paperbacks are "softcover books" and cost $20 or more and comics are "graphic novels" that cost $5 and up

The market finds it's own price pretty reliably ;)

Hardly surprising that a game costs $50 or more. I spent that much a month on CCG when I was hooked years ago and I was the reasonable one in our group
Actually, you can get this game from ThoughtHammer for $38 and change.

This game seems like it would be a great combination with HirstArts sci-fi molds. You could make ship modules for this game the same way he made dungeon tiles for Descent! ;)
Hey Aramis, how would this compare to StarFleet Battles if you've ever played that? I was wondering if this would be good for a Star Trek game I've always wanted to run...
Baphomet: cost me $58 FROM Thoughthammer, due to shipping. (If you are not in the Lower 48, there's no free shipping. Grr.)


I have played SFB. THe ship combat isn't quite comparable. Just as detail oriented, but in very different ways. Only 4 arcs, 2 of 60, 2 of 120.

You can do NOTHING on the ship-to-ship map without a corresponding character action. I do mean NOTHING.

It's clearly Trek-inspired, in the same way FGU's S&S is.

The designers are also former SFB players.

The rules text shows some SFB influences, but SFB experience will NOT be terribly useful; it in fact obscured the tractor rules!

And the UREF is a good bit more militant than the UFP, even the SFU's UFP. Also: no hominid races except humans.

There's a sentient tumbleweed, a cross between an edoan and a cockroach, a more vertical acid-free horta, a colony of worms, and other such way out there.